Monday, December 1, 2008

Huandao Road - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The road around the island with the earlier mentioned Gulang different way around the island, which is in the island of Xiamen, Xiamen University?????west, the east Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center; in September 30, 1999 through an official. Around the island along the path through the sea, beaches, the road color, grass, trees, constitute a beautiful Bin corridor. The beautiful scenery of southern, relaxed and happy people, from the perspective of "one country, two systems, the reunification of the motherland," the characters before, the size of the Kinmen islands in close proximity, people Dunsheng You think of the reunification of the motherland. Planning the way around the island was very reasonable and beautiful environment. Visitors walk on the other hand, enjoy the splendor of clear water and blue sky, Visit the island's natural beauty. Tips: There are two routes around the island in the bicycle rental, 15 yuan and a half hours, 20 yuan an hour (600 yuan deposit, or charge documents).

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