Monday, December 1, 2008

Hong-Lin Chu Kang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hong-Lin Chu Kang Dong-jin, located in Minqing Osaka, was built before the 1960s Yi Mao Qian Long (1795), a three-war North Korea's House of vicissitudes, and its human flourishing, not 200 years long history of failure VIII is known Min-earth, ancient This is a broad and deep houses house with a unique architectural style, in particular, circuit gallery inside the house to, even if Orderly and well-known, the size of the house within 35 halls, 30 yards, 15 flowers, 666 rooms, those who know the structure can be at ease, the whole structure of the building sophisticated, symmetrical wing canopies Yang-volume, Diaolianghuadong, superb technology, Kan Said the civil architecture of the Po soul, come here especially for tourists.

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