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Wan Building Expo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Opium War "Nanjing Treaty" signed, Xiamen has become the "five trading," one of the Western powers came to Gulangyu rush to occupy the most beautiful scenic place to build residence villa. 1920s and 1930s, many Chinese entrepreneurs are also home, Gulangyu in the construction of a number of residential villas, a short span of 15 years on the construction of 10 000 more than 0. These slim, sleek villas, scattered on the hillside, the sea of green leaves, very quiet chic, the Gulangyu constitutes a beautiful landscape, Gulangyu is also a valuable asset.

Eight Diagrams Floor

33 Qing Dynasty (1907), total Area of 3710 square meters, 25.7 meters high. Dome 10 meters high, 8 ridge, under the octagonal platform, the top 24 in all directions to the show window, it is referred to as "gossip floor," Xiamen is a modern building.
Taiwan man-made floor of the Eight Diagrams of origin Lin Lin Shou three-bedroom home, the former Gulangyu World Bank president of the American Hospital Dutch design, John Yu. Yushi from the Palestinian Tam, Greece, Italy and some of the classic Chinese architectural style, design of this building into Eastern and Western architectural culture in one of the unique architectural style of the ancients. Red Dome is a direct imitation of the world's oldest Islamic building of the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Mosque Dome of the first room; 82 is a large cylinder in the light of the 5th century to build the temple in ancient Greece Hella F major pillars; Pinto column between the lines and Shilianghe from Athens, Greece Huff's Square to see the Parthenon Dubois ; Cross-channel from Greece, to Rome after the church; the ancient Greek Doric and love Ao Nike-loaded stigma And the layering of Shi Du Qing vases, and fully display the classic combination of Chinese and Western United States. In short, the Eight Diagrams fine arts building, Xiamen has become a landmark building. Xiamen is now a museum.

Wong Ka-floor garden

Kim Nam Yi people live in Amoy, sugar fortune to operate in Indonesia after 19 9-year return Gulangyu, Xiamen and Shanghai have invested.
Wong Ka built in 1921 north-south Garden floor, Huang made a determination to live all over Gulangyu senior Villa Villa. He dismantled, "China and Germany in mind," the old red-brick building, inviting Chinese and foreign engineers designed by the Shanghai Yu Tai to create public Construction, known as the "floor" This is a villa-hwang road is made on the 25th. House of European-oriented style, pay attention to the materials used, indoor stairs, railings, and before and after the first floor corridor and the big outdoor stage with Italy are planing to build white marble, doors and windows, furniture, floor Ying, the parapet wall, ceiling, floor With all-Phoebe imports . Bogut in the building of the carved frame, Louhua bronze fireplace, master of fine cut pillars, all show that the combination of classical Chinese and Western United States, both in Western Europe in the Renaissance style building, and in the 18th century German noble family's ornate decoration, And a number of both traditional Chinese decorative arts, is a combination of Chinese and Western European-style to the wind The main house, at that time could be referred to as "China's first." According to the "Huang Chuan-live" set; on the second floor of the North-South Qi Bawan cost of silver, and the House of up to 290,000 silver dollar, this shows the importance of style luxury!
Paradise structure in the sea floor,

Jinjiang fire brigade and the Philippines Overseas Chinese Huang-liang, in the 1920s with the same Huang Yi Nian in Fujian road built a team of European-style villas 5. Buildings at the main entrance of a letter to the gatehouse of the "sea configuration Paradise," the fourth (now part of Fujian Road 42). This villa 5 using traditional Chinese architectural symmetrical pattern, in the main floor, on both sides to begin to build a central square to form a group of large-scale buildings.
In the House is a large antique-style roof of the palace buildings, using Xieshan Ding Zhong Yan, 1.40 high tilt, doors, windows, corridors and offices were hanging on the lintel of the cement Toudiao linked to fly off the mask, decorated Chan Zhi Yan Jiao Pick flowers or water dragon beam Queti are decorated with dragon and phoenix plastic pieces. Especially under the roof of the two decorative caisson, drawn shaft on the Chinese bird and flower painting, Poxiang-shaped pavilion and is very prominent. Corridor decorative brackets hanging off the outer edge, Chuizhu basket of flowers to decorate floor in a very nationalization. From afar, the construction of this building some momentum, refined and stable.

Huang Rong-Tang Yuan Villa

Built in 1920, is mainly of European-style big Shu, now part of Fujian Road 32. Designers play a style of construction in Western Europe and into China's traditional concepts, so that the villa is very beautiful shape. The entire building of the villa there are many species the size of pillars, with the entire cut into granite, one of ancient Rome charm, spectacular scenery. Large cylindrical positive contrast, the small cylindrical supporting peripherals, wrong Harmonious facade variation, and a half months, the Bending arc, the flat window lattice design of the platform to hook column, steel flower decoration, cement Toudiao, Cross steeplechase, the women hollowing walls, spacious courtyards, fountains rockery, with the front Tingxie Labyrinth, Duisu wall clouds, high and low Cuolayouzhi. Lam Xiuzhu yard, quiet elegant. This is a villa Western, Chinese, classical, modern and harmonious style, is a villa in Gulangyu fine!

HSBC residence

In 1876, the Bank of Beacon Hill site in the top of the cliff, occupies an area of 400 square meters of built English-style villa. Pile into the rock, a strong anomaly. Hall was T-shaped structure on three sides corridors, multilateral obtuse angle, the owner will be able to push the window wide-angle view of the sea mountains, at night, "when members Yuhuo" panoramic view. Walk through the corridors, Ha Yong-drum into the embrace of the scenery. Cliff top while standing on the railing, looking around, the day the wind Haitao, goshawks Oulu ran together, proud spirit of the sea and sky! HSBC residence originality of the site, in light of the actual design, construction works are hard to come by.

1.80 F

In the octagonal floor, Lin House, built in 1915, a French construction, Southern style, both Pakistani network grams of charm, is the way for deer reef on the 15th.
China and Japan Afternoon after the war, the Qing Dynasty was forced to sign the humiliating "Treaty of Shimonoseki," the cession of Taiwan. Then ask Secretary of State Ken Taiwan's Lin Wei-yuan, Xie Quanjia cross to settle in Gulangyu. He bought a villa of the British people, "House" and then build a "small building" (after the fire, "small building" burned). In 1915, Chuang Shu in size between the floor to build a villa, "the octagonal floor," and additional Corridor will be linked to these three blocks, known as "Lin's House" or "House." A total of eight F-5, is said to the Department of the French design, modeling Yongronghuagui.
Octagonal tower floor for the construction, a number of surface-li octagonal, named. The main entrance to Arch, two-stage spin, the door, the fins are plastic Chanzhi Rosa, flying pigeons, Palestinian quite grams network charm. 1.80 floor rigorous simplicity, the dance floor like a lady dressed in, the artistic style is very prominent.

Yin House

Was built in 1925 by the eldest son of the owner of Chak Yan Zu Design, Department of Europe and France charm. It is characterized by local materials, base on the exploitation of granite from Stone article Qiqiang, rough Bold, both Taiwanese stone rural character, and the Renaissance of the anti-sense simplicity. Office within five arch, linked to the Office of the three or four bedrooms. The whole floor, there are four sets of sanitary facilities, the designer showed awareness of civilization Pinus thunbergii the hospital, and the villa of the same age, still vigorous tall and straight.

Li Qingquan Villa

Li Qingquan, Jinjiang Philippine nationals overseas trip. In 1926 he built in the foothills of the flag of Chinese and Western three-villa, there is a positive Rome-cylinder large, solemn and stable. Villa courtyard paved with multicolor granite pebble Path to form a color pattern, so that even more beautiful villa. Yard, planting flowers and trees and rare Araucaria, the Center for European-style fountain, and Ting Xie rockery, so that the villa a little more warmth of nature.
Li Qingquan is the father and son to operate the timber fortune, so luxurious villa used for decorative timber, doors and windows, Ladder, and so the use of high-level Syzygium. He also Zhangzhou Road, two villas, Phoebe on the floor inside, the furniture is still to be learned were light.

Jingua Floor

Jingua House, for now Quanzhou Road 99, as a result of the roof there are two "Jingua" named after.
Jingua House, built in 1922, 924-year journey from the Philippine Overseas Chinese Huang Min bought as a gift home. It is a building decorated with traditional Chinese decoration process of European style villas, all the beams and columns, canopies fins, angle plates are decorated with flowers, birds, plants relief, both local flavor, and the Rococo charm. Is a European-style windows, all fitted screen. The internal layout of the hall China and the West is the combination of both the Chinese and public rooms of the hall, another European-style fireplace and wide corridors. This use of Chinese traditional European style of the decoration process used, reflecting the overwhelming majority of China's local bridge complex, which is Jingua floor style.

Cai floor concept

Beacon Hill Top, there is a wind Unique European-style villas, such as shape as a result of palanquin, it is known as "bride sedan chair", because upstairs can be beautiful to watch the sunset pink clouds, so people also call it "color concept floor," is for mountain pen on the 6th.
House, built in the concept of color in 1931, designed by Dutch engineer, Hsu Chun Cao create companies. The floor Shape and decoration, the trend of thought Renaissance Europe. Quite beautiful simplicity, combined with many modern construction methods, new and smooth. Its roof is very unique, curved back, separated by the ridge is also a parapet wall, the convex arch mosaic window during which an exceptionally strong sense of three-dimensional, decorative special effects, some in Western Europe Georgia.
Cai view of the floor, twisted rope for the post, the novel, Spain charm. Department of fins Diaocheng stone block, the use of Chinese rural residents in the form of the first shop, carving Europe into a swordsman (musketeers) face, the way is simple and quite Aura art, but also adds style villa Wah.

Yang homes

Yang home a total of 4 European-style villa, built in about 1913 around the drum for the new road is 27-29, 4-8, sea security. Point to a new way of the "good guys right floor," the most stylish, with an sea of the most beautiful villas.
Zhong right for the British House floor, pillars groove Stubbs beautiful, arched windows of a semicircle, with a pointed arch, sculpture, decorative window pillar, flower design, a one-window, different, very artistic charm.
Yang was a home can be regarded as an advanced water supply system. The bottom and the top floor of the pool has to accumulation of rain, digging wells, hospitals, with hand-pressure Water machine. The water supply system in the different sources of water were used to laundry, water the flowers, fire, water, ground water for drinking.

Lin housing

Lin house built in 1927 by the owner's son Lin Cheng-wide design. Lin Cheng-wide in the United States after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's civil engineering department, and the water Xiamen Division engineers, the design of the reservoir, and Gulangyu water management and forest floor house. Lin is housing for Quanzhou Road 82.
Lin housing characteristics of the facade and roof. The use of the Nordic-style roof slope roof, prominent appearance; elevation is not across the board, highlighting incorporated into harmony with ease, and the roof with coordination, the formation of Ming's personality. Hok-lam, housing floor Liqun, Qian Li appears to be stable.


Ownership of the house like a triangle Cheng Chang, in his villa built on, such as the deck of the ship's cabin, looking down on the third floor board, as if awaiting a ship's voyage, is the way for a new drum 48.
Was built in a houseboat 20 years from the Dutch-American design, John Yu. He used to plot the shape of aircraft to be designed to house the ship, is Jiangxinduju. He used the traditional methods of construction, the axis for the base, about to start, the strict symmetry. Villa plain, simple and crisp, adequate lighting, good permeability. Be used on the floor wide-nan , For more than wood furniture, wood, so far intact. As a result of the current owner of a profound knowledge of music, family concert to be held here more.

Villa are also foot

Was built in the 1920s, for the Tongan nationality Vietnam by Chinese Xu Jian, the pen is made mountain on the 9th.
This is the 000 prominent personalities, artistry and strong European-style architecture, it has the Island's largest and most beautiful stone entrance tower, the appearance of the majestic tall and straight. Chuangtao double arch, the beautiful smooth, very beautiful. It also has a European-style gardens, a high octagonal, the same Labyrinth, is the master of casual viewing.

Former U.S. Consulate Was built in 1930 for the Rome-style two-story red-brick building with a basement and mezzanine roof, beautiful body, is made Sanming Road 26.
Consulate of the two red and white to color as the keynote, with gable 5 decorate the triangular, concise and forthright attitude has also set up a roof-top viewing platform. Under the roof is laminated, Often useful.
Consulate General of the Rome-cylinder big stigma to use decorative column Collins, the plastic in order to exaggerate the lily leaves. Leaves neatly than you ever thought possible, hold up the whole building, is particularly beautiful.

Lin's former home

Lin is the former residence of his wife, Liao Cuifeng home is the most Gulangyu One of the old building. For the original two-story villa, as a result of disrepair, has been the collapse of a layer of Yi, is part of Zhangzhou Road 44.
Lin's marriage hall, is still new.
Lin Gulangyu in school, Here Jiyu. After the marriage, he is here to the world and become the world's cultural celebrities. Church

Church was built in 1917 for Gothic architecture, characterized by both eyes can Jianxing, arches, doors, windows, as well as the parapet of the tower Decorative hollowing were Jianxing. Indoor smallpox as a network structure of the color blue beads, ornate fan mattress, which is Xiamen's only a Gothic church Reef Road for deer is 34.
At present, the management of the Catholic Diocese of Xiamen from Longyan to 80 Church of Putian, Fujian almost half.

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