Monday, December 1, 2008

Therefore, Yanping base - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yanping it at first base on the south side of the town of Jimei, Jimei swimming pool to the north-east, Yanping Gurong floor in front of the tree. Zheng Chenggong was stuck at the time of Jimei Gousse, as a result of the Ming emperor Cheng Cheng-kung has been called "Ping Princess" and 000. To commemorate the national hero Zheng Chenggong and play the patriotic spirit of May 1919, the first Tan Kah Kee Select the "National Walled name" Jimei site as a primary school, in 1922 completed a three-storey building, named Yanping floor, and the door Danzhai stone, inscribed "Yanping base there," words, the anti-Japanese during the floor Yanping Japan destroyed by fire. In 1953, Mr. Chen Jiageng Yanping reconstruction of buildings, and from place to place on potential, With sloping hills, granite structure with the three-stage 24, stands as a seaside swimming pools, the pools will be named "Chi Ping." It is still stone-base side door and a mottled rust of ancient cannons.

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