Monday, December 1, 2008

Crane Beach Grand Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Large Crane Beach is located in Changle Forest Park in the northern waterfront, across Hunan Province, Wen Ling of the two towns, covering an area of 369 hectares, the forest coverage rate 73.4%, 85.7% green. In 1984 the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has representatives of 12 countries to study here. In 1993 by the Ministry of Forestry in East China Design Institute to complete Through the park master plan design. Park has 48 natural scenic resources. The main broad reflected the vast, lush growth of the coastal shelterbelts; magnificent, beautiful seaside scenery singular; strange shapes, thousands of rocks of the rocks; a long history and fascinating human landscape; mellow rich, who enjoy fishing The fishing family life; mysteriously, Journey Into Amazing Caves of the coastal trenches. To be set into the forest tourism, summer convalescence, sightseeing, beach recreation, national defense education as one of the tourist sites. Cheung Pei Shan troops to use the first phase of the project idle for building barracks in Fuzhou region of the young students of national defense education bases, combine tour Lin Park beach scenery launch of the "front-line coastal Fujian field trip."

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