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Wan Shiyan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Shiyan Xiamen is a tourist attraction. Xiamen this beautiful city foreshore there are many attractive tourist attractions, and can generally be divided into four resort, that is, Gulangyu, Nan Putuo, and Jimei Wan Shiyan. The most distinctive is Gulangyu, followed by probably the Wan Shiyan.
"Win over more rocks, stones million of the most amazing Wan Shiyan, as its name suggests, is that there are many rocks in the mountains. The mountain is not high, as millions of years of wind and rain erosion, a lot of rocks in the mountains, thousands of shape. However, it is with Hill, Huang Qi's different. Wan Shiyan or possession of a pair of trees or on open stone, number, size But in general 45 meters high, in addition to a small number of peaks known as the outside, known as the stone or rock. These stone, like some people and some objects like. The most interesting could be said to be "trunk-feng" and "Stone laughs." "Trunk-Feng" is the trunk like a rock, stretched out up and slightly bent, not only as the trunk, but also dynamic. Stone laughs, "is a rock, a big mouth open, looking from the side, as if laughing at the opening, there is next to the title," Stone laughs ". Xu in the rocks like a mountain rocks, which elsewhere is It is difficult to see.
  Wan Shiyan on the original 24 temples, there are 10 large, now has more damage. The book The fight is in the mountains of Stone Temple million. The temple built on rocks, small but sophisticated chic. Temple Mountain Gate in front of the natural rock formation on the pool, there are 45 Sihou boulders, Zhetianbiri; stones and also drilled Several Yung, the more ghastly. In front of a large rock, ancient poetry Praise poems carved rock here. Master Hong Yi's well-known in the temple lived for a period of time, leaving his ink. There is a hill known as the "tea house people," the pavilion-style building, upstairs tea products for visitors to view. Here, looking southeast, through the trees end, we can see the corner of the city, and blue Into the sea.
The layout of each other
  Wan Shiyan, there are a botanical garden, which is well-known garden Xiamen Botanical Garden. Botanical Garden to build a wide variety of scenery in the CMV Wan Shiyan, can be said to each other, so that more Wandan Yan has been fascinating. Wan Shiyan Botanical Garden from the beginning of Shek Wu million under the layout. 10,000 Lake is a beautiful man-made lake, Lake Bi-ching, the crane Purchase stone in the lake, a lakeside pavilion, around the Linmusensen, faint Labyrinth, a beautiful environment. Tsugae is to the east of Lake Park, the park planted pine, fir, cypress there are as many kinds of Qi Bashi, of which there was a "living fossil" Metasequoia and Ginkgo biloba. Xiamen Botanical Garden is not Is a scientific research institutions, but also for people around the place to visit, do it in accordance with the dual task of using different categories of Chinese-style garden layout, the sequence arranged tsugae Park, Palm Island, the Rose Garden, the introduction of domesticated areas, District of medicinal plants, longan, Lai Chi Yuen, multi-area meat plants, flowers such as orchids 20 A special type of garden and planting, the park mountains and water where the construction floor, Taiwan, Pavilion, Pavilion, with dotted landscape. Here visitors can see more than 3000 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants, an increase of knowledge, can take a stroll in the beautiful scenery of the mountains, really enjoyable.

Botanical Garden Designers, is very imaginative and artistic point of view of the masses. A courtyard garden is a garden Full of a hundred. Throughout the year, flowering prosperous, everything. Cactus here against the national well-known, there are hundreds of species, many of which are rare species, rarely seen in other gardens. Palm palm branches all over the island Objects. Visitors this point, the hole is the strong tropical and subtropical scenery.

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