Monday, December 1, 2008

Xiamen Underwater World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Xiamen Underwater World," an area of 17.5 hectares, with a total construction area of about 7500 square meters. These include: the Cross Harbor Tunnel, one of sea water fish, marine benthos reservoirs, screening rooms, exhibition hall of the marine, special souvenir shops and fast-food restaurant, and so on.

?? ?? museum displaying 350 of the marine fish The end of nearly 10,000 species. Colorful living coral; endangered species of large sea turtles; rare Dragon Australia, the hippocampus; Amazon's eating mermaid, the sea; Indonesia's giant shark, grouper; the South China Sea's coral reef fish; rare Freshwater fish, and so on, China is the most colorful aquarium. Only immersive, She can feel the wonderful!

Underwater World - Gulangyu Island Underwater World is China's large-scale, most of the new sea and freshwater biological large aquarium. Gathered here from all over the world bosun to the number, shape, odd varieties and excellent climate for the natural conditions at home and kept Favored by guests, there is a sub-group of ancient magic left, the Amazon's walrus; sturgeon, a protected species at the national level, Australia rare and noble, like the grass plants Dragon. The tender scene in Shu-mei, such as the Department of static fierce machine-concealed rock fish, exotic form of the dolphin horns, colorful coral reef fish, the giant Pacific Giant sea turtles and sharks, grouper, and so the list goes on Wang. In particular, is the most columnar huge fish tank and fish around chasing a diving breeder Faso food scene is amazing.

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