Monday, December 1, 2008

Shipai ocean area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shifan semi-yang (Yang Shipai) is located in the western part of the island of Hai Tan Hai Tan Strait, and look at the town of Suao 1.4 km away from the village of Australia, for its 2-shaped stone tower Bingzhi, a high and one low, 33 meters higher Low 17 meters, mid-stream Zhuo Li, Zhengrong momentum. The "rarely seen in the country," the great natural sea-chu, Wu Li, such as in the sea and sky Among the big tower column from a reef at the bottom of the plate hold up, like Zhang Fan Zhou Chuan. Sunset in the morning mist, sea waves Yan full of water, such as two pieces of stone Juzhou sail, and find it a pleasure trip; wind and King Ming, the giant vessels, and may, Weiran fixed; Hailang wind, like sails full of wind, waves move forward, Therefore, King said, "Shifan semi-yang", in order to Ten old one tan.


  According to legend, known as the "world wonders" King of the sea must, in ancient times was known as "dumb" are dumb child to rebel after the defeat of Shen Zhou fossils. Ancient times, no fatuous emperor, the imperial court corruption, hunger die of hunger everywhere in the territory, very desolate. Daisen riding on the Penglai After the island of Hai Tan Lu Po-yang, see a child concerned about the sufferings of the people dumb, ambitious, he would send three cents of paper, asking him to cut free model. To dumb Tongpian then cut therein, such as military force, when completed by the cut-Shashi come true, he could speak. At this point the child began to mute their plans accordingly, planning the deployment of large Qibing , As if the imperial manner. But she and her three children Jiuli unknown, did not mute the child told to prepare to rebel, leading to missed opportunities, the failure of the rebels. Battalion of the court to send military force to attack the island Hai Tan, lost and dumb children see, just prior to the cut of his elder brother's wife daily Shijiu, hammer stones, thrown into the dustpan into the sea, she and her three children into a boat with the common fan Take away. After the storm event, after the two-Shen Zhou fan into two stone side by side, becoming a must Pingtan tourism resources. Boarded the plane reef, such as Li-deck ship, the day the wind in front of slap Haitao, soul-stirring. Immersive, it had a great feeling of nature and magic.


  Shipai a foreign land Xun scale wave-cut piece of stone wedge, such as drum flag Ji Jian, Cuoluoyouzhi all over Australia to see the beach, known as "hit rock business." In particular, look at Australia's wharf, as a semi-relief of Buddha Maitreya, shoulder width and height are about 12 meters, the head convex belly, and take full plate, vivid image, is a perfect natural landscape. Shipai foreign tour will take half a day, the vehicle is a direct route to the shore or beach side, there are yacht Shifan extradited to the next.

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