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Pak drifting with the wave dance - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tien Shan is located in the new district Luo Yan and the town of stone at the junction of rural land, is a granite landforms, stacked stone base, deep cliff, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, posture million, western Fujian is well-known tourist attraction of religion. Since the Tang Jian Si, the Tien Shan after Feixing, no incense is not in Fujian and Guangdong-Jiangxi border, as well as have a certain influence at home and abroad. Chuan-old Not to the temple mountain, a local unabated spread of ancient legends, it has been infected with a mysterious color. Legend has it that, in the past, a poor dig fern Tien Shan in the vicinity of Goddess of Mercy to see the clouds coming out, kneel worship, prayer, said: "In the Goddess of Mercy, for example, bless his pound of fern in the future be able to dig out three wash Powder, for Buddha Temple, the temple was built in this building. "Later, this person was dug fern was the Goddess of Mercy shelter, day by day life better. As a result, his first contribution, invited local people to build Gong Miao Tien Shan Xiang Lin Chi asylum. At this point, the two foreign rich man looking for treasure, Hill came to the temple after another, see this place, at A buried coins, a Feng Yizhen to remember, they go home. Soon, two on the rich man credited with the treasure dispute, the case will reach the House Tingzhou. Zhouguan not under the commission, who dug fern with a group of folks to come to the Zhouguanbingming reasons. As a result, sentenced Zhou Guan Road, Tianxiaweigong, for Dali, who dug fern is to give the thousands of well-being of the village of 10,000 Also, the attribution to dig fern Jiansi people. In this way, the Tien Shan temple in South Xinnv good efforts of the devout, from where they stand. Legend, after all, the legend, but the Tien Shan in western Fujian as well-known Buddhist holy places, as evidenced by history, has been built as early as the Early Tang Dynasty brakes, Buddhist monks and nuns live and worship Goddess of Mercy, has been in 1300 Years. Legend has it that Master Putuo Mountain in the temple a missionary, to carry forward Buddhism. Ling Ling Jiu Wonderland Brahma along two kilometers long stone path, step by the first order, climbing pilgrimage, as if from a fairyland on earth to Brahma. Ling Ling Jiu, on the south side of the main peak in the Tien Shan, circling round-bending winds, the laying of more than 2000 Order, cited visitors to the mountains, the mountains directly Yuantong Si. All year round, often filled clouds, "" Road such as the dragon-shaped stone, like ribbons, in the clouds in time when it is hidden; the People's Bank of them, give Zuta cloud, floating in the air if Sally seems to be off the air, really "Fan Chen a noisy, between the illusory income." Climb Ling Ling Jiu, Yuan Tongsi Xiaopen took a fall on the ground, with a solemn silence, unique. By the early 1980s, the Government's support and sponsorship of the believers, Yuantong Si has been to revitalize the resort, Mountain Gate, King Hall, Main Hall, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the Hall of Great Mercy and watch F-hui, the Office of Lent, the promenade room, Liao Fang, Yu permitted, Chi-sheng, to the Tibetan Temple, the tower will be the sea, Tan Si Guan Xin, such as floor building, layer upon layer, the resplendent. Former vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, president of the Buddhist Association of China Zhao personally wrote the "Main Hall" and "Yuan Tongsi" Jinbian two were hanging in the Main Hall, Great Mercy Dianqian; reconstruction of the "Great Mercy Temple," John Magnificent, enshrined as high as three meters more than the gold statue of Guanyin; "concept of floor-hui" for the "Kegon Sam," as Po, who has a collection of rare Buddhist scriptures and calligraphy masters. Yuantong Si Jing Shan Buddhist temple conform to the topography built on three sides back to the Gangluan Wai, a broad perspective to the overall construction Siguan find hidden Zen Xianjie the deep. The Temple of the scenic spots around the week of the Buddha track to further contrast the mood of the Buddhist temple Xianjie. Lingjiu Chengkungling, a huge stone Heng Kong, Taiwan, such as framing, stone in the face of the "Flying Bridge law," words, according to legend the stone Buddha to stay in the West expected, Gu Cheng, "wishful stone," Yu "Purdue Chi Hong" The trip is intended. Hall of Great Mercy "on the right side with one stone engrave cursive" Iwaizumi Mannan ", rock, clear spring Yihong," Mannan-chuen, "Gu Cheng" flow ", pilgrims striker whom visitors," Mannan misfortunes, "often with the same drink with their families. Monastery After the Tien Shan main peak, like the Big Buddha Maitreya kind sitting in the sky, "Tatu Rongrong to the world, it is very difficult to allow Yan-chee smiled with the world's ridiculous, "named as" Foshan "is a rare natural wonders. Foshan on the block are the" dominant stone, "Yu" Jimu sky, but my best option, "meaning, also known as the" days Play cloud column, "In ancient legend, there are Master in the support Judiciary Day. There are a" Buddha "stone, as high as four meters, there are bold , 20, still can be seen outside the track. Mountain Top, Jimu sky, near Ridge Weiwei, Feng Yuan obscure, little cottage, endless power, a refined extraordinary feelings felt. Walk through the temple, Wen Zhong drum and wind around Mountains Afar, thin sheets between the temples of the Joint Celebration of the Arts, calligraphy masters, "Blessed saints Deng Fang, hard to miss Nirvana door "," Tianwanghuihui defeat for Hue Buddhist Ming, Gong Tong Kun Miao card into the solemn heart of Zen "," compassion goes for the Italian when rescue officials who have seen slaughter, cause and effect of this one over the door Fu Ji-shan life, "and so on, such as Mu the influence of Buddhism. Silla travel, as a result of Long and Tien Shan Dong Kungtung Mountain neighbors, whether to swim after climbing hole, or Yu-dong after climbing can be "in heaven", is absolutely wonderful.

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