Monday, December 1, 2008

Zheng Zheng He's historical park and museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changle urban centers there is a hill, as a result of the ancient town located in the south and of Nanshan. There is a mountain park, formerly known as the "Namsan Park", built in the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanyou three years (1088). Park has experienced a number of Song, Yuan and Ming-generation construction, especially in the Ming Dynasty Zheng He's seven western-designate of Hong Kong to be the wind, comprehensive renovation, the pavilion, Taiwan, floor House, tower, temple architecture, and so many to become Buddhist, Taoist places of worship are. Park forest green, green grass and trees and beautiful environment. Tower, Museum, the Pavilion, built gallery in accordance with the mountain, blending with each other, an integral whole. Sambong Park Tower in China were one of the towers. The seven-story octagonal tower, like building castles, stone, high-2 .4 Meters, the tower wall engraved with Buddhist stories based on the exquisite relief, is to study the construction of the Song Dynasty and the kind of precious stone carving art. Sambong tower was originally called "pagoda Shengshou," Song was founded in St. three years (1096), governance and Ding-you-year (1117) completed. 11-year-Ming Yongle (1413), Zheng Deng View the port to know when the tower is built Huizong birthday, quite displeased, said Zhao Ji Hun Jun is, Jin was killed by enemy personnel in the north, the title was changed names so far tower. According to the "Changle County," set, Zheng He in many times, "Shi Xi from homes," the construction of the tower and the tower next to the "sambong pagoda." Sambong Zheng He was the tower overlooking the plethora of stop Hong Kong's Pacific fleet huge tower is also Zheng He's fleet from Hong Kong and Pacific buoy tower. 10-year-Ming Yongle (1412) Zheng He's the fourth former envoy to the Western Pacific in Hong Kong when the wind waiting for the reward, "aegir Tianfei bless," Zou Qing Ming Chengzu Enzhun Changle in Nanshan to the east of the tower next to the pagoda sambong , Made a magnificent, "Tianfei Gong," for the officials of the fleet and reported XIE pray God. 26 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1761) Tianfei Wu Si-shift aircraft in the vicinity of the new head of the "Tien Hou Temple," and the original palace Tianfei Nanshan with the words "Hang Wu College." Destroyed in the Sino-Japanese War College. In 1985 to commemorate Zheng He 580 anniversary of the flight, in government funding, "Tianfei Gong" and "pagoda sambong" on the former site of the construction of Zheng He's historical museum. Namsan Park is also to "Zheng He Park." Collection of precious cultural relics, "Ling Tianfei should remember the" Monument (commonly known as Zheng He monument), the Department of Xuande next six years (1431) Dong, Zheng He's the seventh time as ambassador to the West Changle ago, when the wind waiting to engrave the author of the legislation stone. 1177 words regular script inscription of dollars, Wing-lok set out in detail three years to eight years Xuande (1405 - 1433 years), Zheng He's voyages to western six times before and after the seventh under the Western mission is to study the Ming Dynasty in China and overseas Chinese and foreign Jiaotong Shi The history of exchanges between the kind of precious history .

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