Monday, December 1, 2008

Fang Yan Guang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the East Wing Tai GE Ling mountain town, 17 km from the county seat, known as "a piece of tile." Overlapping peaks in the range upon range of hills, tree-lined Blot out the Sun, such as the shape rock shelter, and stretch the air, covering a high of about 20 meters deep, about 30 meters, a width of 50 meters of natural caves, the summer resort for the summer, "Han Guang Dong Tian ". Watt a "hanging at the bottom of the dozens of stalactites to form a unique rock King, the main water dragon, tiger mountains, prance carp, giant cattle Kok Lian, Huang volley, Bainiaochaofeng, apes and monkeys into the first, and so on, Miao-dimensional peacekeeping Xiao, lifelike. Qing over the years between the Northern Song Dynasty (1041 ~ 1048), under construction in the rock Buddha . In the mid-ming, for the expansion of the Temple, according to Iwakura hole, when the stone tile, build a singular. 19 Wanli (1591), an additional 5 Tianquan Pavilion, with more than 100 Chinese fir root support to criss-cross the cliffs edge, according to the back thousands of Ren-rock cliff, facing deep Baizhang, like castles in the air. After the Court is the Main Hall, for Southern Song Dynasty when the monks as camphor wood, as well as the late Qing naval town of Sa Su Qiang ice by title, "Fang Yan Guang," the three characters and "Min Shan in the first", "eternal spectacle", "Wan Kwong Yam" horizontal inscribed board. Bring up the rear on a wall, "Guanyin Cave." Mid-Autumn night, the moonlight shines into this rock wall above, it will show "Boy worship Guanyin," the magic . Next to the pavilion dream, monk Liu, Hong Ji-Tong, have no shelter, shelter under rocks in the complex. Tianquan next to the Pavilion has deep holes, such as setting off firecrackers inside the cave, sonic booms surrounding hills, dozens of echo-minute extension, known as "gun hole." Temple Main Hall before stocks clear spring, called tail-chuen, also known as "Long milk." There are wide at the top of the rock side Qingquan shares from the right side of the wind and float in the air, as Zhulian like to fly in the hole, a "curtain Guanbao" scenic spots. Fang Yan Guang have 10 scenic spots: Yuquan hole Ruisong dock, stone bell, listen to Quan Shi, Stephen Falls, Long Shu Yan, Yang Ling Gu, Shan-Quan, Wang Sendai, the voiceless, such as holes, which is to Canton Yuquan-rock The However, portal, the two stone dependent on the following combined, cut left "days off" right moment "swallow the door" (commonly known as door-day), do not have the momentum. There are next to the Song, Ming and Qing Cliff Inscription of "days off", "Shek", "Fang Guang Dong Tian", "Shan Min blessed", the forceful vigorous pen. To the wide-side, traveling to GE Ling, 4 km walk up that mountain.

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