Monday, December 1, 2008

Ao Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beach was jimei a small island south-east, a small temple on the island, called Ngau Tau Palace, also known as Temple miles, the Anti-Japanese War, Japanese troops have been destroyed; in 1950, Mr. Chen Jiageng in the ruins of the construction of the park Ao. Ao Garden Jimei main monuments and the liberation of Mr. Chen Jiageng the mausoleum, the tomb was the focus of the National Heritage Intensive care unit, there are 15 tombstones Mr. Chen Jiageng half a lifetime ago, experienced significant relief images, solemn Ya Park. Ao garden in the park a short wall, railings, Ting Zhu Department engraved with the leaders of the country and celebrities from all walks of life presented the title Shiciduilian more than 50 pieces. Transport: From the Jimei after walking in the past, Ao Jimei school in the park on the side. Admission: 10 yuan

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