Monday, December 1, 2008

Ancient residential products nine winners - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changle city of Cape Town, Qi Yang village of Fu on the Court of villages, there is a group of residential buildings in the Qing Dynasty, known as the "nine winners." North Castle sitting here three, seven of Hope Creek Water Department South, East and West Ziwei care, in the face of Pingchou million, "Xiao Longtan waterfall" next to, "Wang Lan Wufeng" to North Korea. The construction of its unique location, Wai "Ma" building their own patent Non-circulating, many wonderful legends. "Nine winners" by Chen and his son-hwan has been built for decades. The first was built Jiaqing years, was built in most of the light (1821 ~ 1850) years, the latest in a completed before and after 1872. "Nine winners" buildings sit south Plane was basically a square, broad things, the deep north-south 120 meters, 5 minutes. 22 of the main building, surrounded by 6-meter-high walls, open ?? Luo Oh-Oh-Chu ?? sumac ???few ? Di? Spacing out the firewall, get folder, the same door frame. South of the center of each column, each with a door, weddings and funerals every door Screen door, Tingmen open all the way, look into the "five drop-through after" a very spectacular. Out of the south wall of the amount of light the creation of 13 windows, hanging lanterns lighting. Square in front, surrounded by high-Chu Taiwan, after the deep, close to both sides of the river, there are wells, ponds, open drains, underground drain, water supply and drainage facilities and reasonable layout, to form a complete, independent Construction group. "Nine winners" to wood-based building materials, wooden materials used in Chinese fir, Douglas Wood, Phoebe, camphor wood, rosewood, sandalwood, iron Lei, boxwood, Sangsi wood, the longest ... ... Phoebe Leung 10m . "Nine winners" of the big changes in the emphasis on wood, or layout change, or the level of change, Change in the primary and secondary change to facilitate the construction of art and life, the perfect combination. In the form of construction, there are booths, Taiwan, the floor, Tower, Villa, pavilion, car ... ...; the use of sub-functions, the Office of ancestors, then Guanting, living room, the Chamber, happy event hall, warehouse, bank money, Tiao-meter museum, library, Gym, martial arts, "Fan Zi," Chu Kang, Boudoir Shoujie floor ... ...; blocks of the hall structure of "four three-Shen", "Shen five-six" and "Shen seven of eight," "10 Shen Kowloon," there are five columns Office, the Office of seven columns, nine columns, the Office of the Veranda Office. Office of the largest 10 meters wide, using 3 beam bars. "Nine winners," a small wooden sophisticated chic to the art of first-class level. Algae Various forms, there are single, double, multi-storey, square, circle, polygon. Gallery rate Xuan Peng, Chuan Bi, from the flowers (for wood), the bell hanging, brackets, table plaque, the door window fan ... ... carved almost everywhere. There are carved in the form of shallow carving, relief, hollowing eagle, double eagle, incised, carved Yang, carved inlay; natural contents, the Opera text story, the story Sanjiaojiuliu. Many of the works of poetry, calligraphy, stone, painting a lot of sculpture art forms into organic; some use different colors of wood, with a window into the various flower patterns, and even the natural wood borers scarring wound into the composition, performance Eye Laoteng insects or fruit trees, and wonders Cheng. Wood works to keep most of the wood color, and some gold paint out as well as Taoban color as a foil. "Nine winners," Zhu Chu for most of the stone, brick kiosk for the entrance tower, Qiang Shi, pane, clay sculpture for the wall head-dress, the mural is widely used within the walls. "Nine winners" of the construction works of art such as the use of , Meaning, homophonic and other traditional practices, giving the auspicious inauspicious good ideas, such as the Wo Hop Erxian? Quot; prosperous "," more than auspicious, "Fu (bat), Paul (deer), life (Songhe), HI ( Mei bird). At that time, "nine winners" have set up open-air courtyard garden radish frame, before large tanks Paper Chi Yang Fish, each passenger seat Jian display halls, antique flowers, the Office of fly-chu-ming He painted plates together, the Office of the display of sharp pictures and wall scrolls, which are to promote Chinese traditional culture and the expression of the people of the ancient vision of a better life. Into the "nine winners," a place like folk art AsiaWorld-Expo. 1993 Fuzhou Changle of Cultural Relics and Archeology Team in line with the cultural sector, the presence of "nine winners of" inspection for 25 days at a cost of 40,000 yuan, to complete a survey ancient residential construction projects, mapping trace 150, 18 video, thousands of photographs, from which Screening Caizhao 1200 series into the "Changle nine group winners houses Kwu" 2-chip set.

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