Monday, December 1, 2008

Chi Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen Haicang town of Green Reef East is the history of Leng Ming Wu doctors to practice real enlightenment of the resort, Wu worship gods for a real person, the physician Chi Gong, Fujian and Taiwan has become, a lot of people in Southeast Asia dedicated to the ancestral temple. Legend has it that Miss real good medicine, he led first aid boxes, the four-party travel far and wide for people with the lifting of the illness, harsh difficult diseases, with a skilful hand Spring is known as physician, loved by local people; in memory of his Ende, spontaneous fund-raising people, he had to live in huts into Long Qiushui Um, Wu sculpture and the image of a real person, as a "real doctor Ling" Song in 1160 by Emperor Qin Zhunqiang Long Qiushui Um build five large drop-palace palaces, temples Ciming for Tzu Chi, Tzu Chi Gong changed; Since then, incense constantly, often packed. Tzu Chi Orient House, becoming the ancestral palace. This is a solemn majesty, the palace cornices staggered architecture, in which four must: first, painting a crested there, Shan, a turtle body, legs of the animal Shen Wu; The second is to preserve the palace of Emperor Kangxi, Jiaqing , Xianfeng Qing dynasties, such as rehabilitation of the tablets; Third, the wear on the left side of Orient House, a "heart" stone, the stone shape of people's minds, "heart" in the middle is a little on the bottom; Fourth, the Palace rafters on the black-and-white paintings, is said to be Tang Bohu from the formula and paint and painting from the moth-eaten. Chi Gong is located in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Stephen Three City Interchange, favorable terrain, beautiful, wide field of vision, from the Orient House in the Attic, look around, is surrounded by three kilometers Chi Nishinomiya, is not far from Yongji rock, is to the east of Xiamen Island, Jiulong, Song Zhangzhou Road and the sea, panoramic view. Festivals, or a real person every birthday anniversary of the death of Wu, we all have to ci Temple to burn incense to worship, pray for peace to be happy, especially in a year from the return of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas Chinese Luo Yi is absolutely not.

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