Monday, December 1, 2008

Xiamen University - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiamen University is well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader, Comrade Mao Zedong as "overseas Chinese flag, the glorious nation," Mr. Chen Jiageng founded in 1921, is the first in the history of education in modern China, founded by overseas Chinese University. Built in 1924, Bang Hai mountains, is the side of the Nan Putuo Temple, is the waterfront side of the hill with Hu Taiwan. Campus life is very beautiful, Lotus Lake, the reservoir Qingren Gu, and other scenic spots, quiet and romantic atmosphere, the "love at Xiamen University," said. Xiamen University, the old building for more than Mr. Chen Jiageng's son-in-law built, water walls, glass roof, the very characteristics that have been referred to as "wearing a suit and wearing hats" (in analogy Architectural style combination), especially in the South Hall building and tighten the market, quite magnificent. The monks and students to learn and live scenes form the Xiamen University campus and the surrounding region a unique King of the World map, the picture elsewhere is not. Traffic: 1 Road, Road 15, Road 18, Road 20, Road 29, 45 all the way ??.

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