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Former Residence of Hu Yaobang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fangcun Cang "Hu Xi Ling" by the UN for the intersection of the two provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi Department of Luo Xiao Yu Mo Shan. Since the winding mountain Luo Xiao Shan from Liuyang to Henan, rehabilitation and Song Qi, "Yun Jushan." The hills south gradually open, "Yanggu." Yanggu along the southbound Wa Lane on May 6, a small mountain, called "Xiling," Hu Yaobang's Home, sits at the foot of the Xiling, backed by mountains. There is a wide front of the house a few meters of the stream, called Min River, which has never throughout the year, Dong Dong tingle. Using today's point of view, is a scenic place.

Former Residence of Hu Yaobang in Hunan Province is a typical farm buildings, sitting south, the small Qingwa Brick, said to be built in the Qing Dynasty Xianfeng years, so there has to count more than 140 years. This room has been through many times since the construction of repair in order to repair most of the 1995 Seiko secret agents. At present, is kept by the Housing Hu Yaobang's great-grandfather 000 Chung Hu and his elder brother Hu-000 was shared by a total of 19 Housing with a total area of about 450 square meters. In the middle of the "Pan public to enjoy together," the highest, is a mirror of that year, and 10 minutes were dedicated to his father's brother in the Pan Hu tablets, for a total of two for large Ketang. Legend has it that after two generations, belonging to the father of Hu Yaobang Zulun house for 7 and a half, about 200 square meters.
Hu Yaobang passed away, the ancestral home of the already dilapidated state on the brink of collapse. The 1980 year, Hu's elder brother Hu Yaofu in Beijing, the ancestral home to tell him we should do, how do? Hu said that during the long, it let you down, drained the outside, people on the move inside to live. , The former residence of Hu Yaobang firmly opposed to repair.

1995 is the 80th anniversary of the birth of Hu Yaobang, Liuyang City, decided to repair former residence of Hu Yaobang. This work was started in February 1995, the basic completion in July, the rehabilitation of Hu Yaobang's childhood home, their parents and elder brother's bedroom, as well as being , Wang hall, living room, kitchen, and so on. In September that year, Ms. Hu Yaobang Li Zhao had to visit the former residence here. December, the former residence of Hu Yaobang opening to the outside world. It has been receiving more than 10 million people. Right now more and more people come. It was in the guest book: "While the difficult road trip, I had to." That is because in and Liuyang away from the urban area, close to Jiangxi, low-grade roads from Liuyang drove down to two hours. It was also message: "Hu Yaobang, you saved me." It appears the drop was the author must have experienced miscarriage of torment.

In 1998, Hunan Province, decided to allocate 200,000 yuan, Hu Yaobang's former home next to the former residence of effective intervention with the construction of the showroom. The funds are in place before the 100,000 yuan. Not all the funds in place, Liuyang City, possession of the text by trade unions to raise funds for each 10,000 yuan, was completed on the museum building. Exhibition Hall from Liuyang City Design Institute. At that time, the plan would also like to do something big Dredged to the back of Hill House. Later on the revised design, built only 3 of the tiny room exhibition hall.

In the spring of 1999, in order to solve the former home of Hu Yaobang on the ground Fanchao problems on the ground continue to carry out the processing technology. Hu curator of the museum's former home found Jiannong said that the people who come here In more than a year.

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