Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ridge Jinpen project Jin tomb - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ridge Jinpen project Jin tomb in the southern suburbs of the city, is similar to a convex shape of the plane Zhuanshi Mu, Mubi outside the arc, connected at the long side of the wall Shaopian, one end of the tomb of the special shape, size does not Large tomb 3.94 meters long, 3.06 m in the middle widest point, 2.85 meters wide at both ends. Mubi with blue knot , The three-block-first, and then build a set, the rammer after repeated four times, the dome roof has collapsed. Some side of the brick bearing the "Yongning 2002 on May 10 for" Zhuanzi. Munei metal containers had been stolen a space, only the green porcelain buried. All kinds of porcelain figurines ring out around the tomb, placed in a small number of tombs, including 31. In addition, Cars, sheep, warehouses, such as green porcelain pot, gray Taizhi detailed, high heat. Has more green-glazed off. Qing porcelain Though only about 20 cm, but the realistic form, with the identity of the costumes vary, the air because of different grades and different. The celadon in the domestic horse figurines and a saddle horse figurines are complete, before the horse "when "There are three saddle, the front left side of the bridge there is triangle-shaped stirrup, which is currently in the Mainland of China to see first stirrup.

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