Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snake hole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuwang snake hole in the north of a monument in the Valley. Snake hole in the Western Jin Dynasty previously called the "yellow-hold." Legend has it that Xiang Fu Song-year period (1008-1016 AD), Zhang called the Taoist Wong holds in practice under the rocks, Dan Cheng Sheng Xian away, "Huang holds holes" resulting. Zhang Shengxian said to priests, the hole was set pythons Therefore, there are holes in the name of pythons. Python hole into a spot, from a magical story. It is said that snake through the Millennium practice, on July 15 a year Chu Dong be harmful. It spit out the tongue from the hole for the bridge, cross the Xiang River to the east crane aircraft concept, a pair of lanterns as Snake Eyes Yuan Deng, issued by the mouth of the beautiful and moving music. People look at Xiang River on the sudden appearance of rainbow-like Xian Qiao, is that the extradition of human-day rise in the sector. A Taoist priest the first to set foot on the "Xian Qiao," but-way ticket, the snake died in the abdomen. Jingjiang was the second state to make Taokan thorn in his keen observation, see the "days of the door" of the day hanging lights pressing Hanguang, suspected evildoer, then all the arrows I have to go, Dayton Days off lights, the bridge is also a trace. Later, according to people looking for blood, have yellow inside and found a Damang has been shot and killed. Since then, Lai Man people live and work in peace, in order to thank the people Taokan pesticides, he will be made based on the arrow shot and Taiwan, known as Radio Taiwan python.

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