Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Xiangxiu Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Of Hunan Xiangxiu Changsha is a museum to show the world Xiangxiu history and art museum professional. A total of 810 square meters exhibition hall, more than 1,200 pieces of collections from "Xiangxiu historical origin" and "the rise of Xiangxiu", "Contemporary Xiangxiuxieying" when the theme of the three exhibition halls constitute, exhibits vividly recreates the Xiang Xiu work The evolution of our ancestors and the artist's exquisite work, vividly describes Xiangxiu the course of the development and contemporary works absolutely fine, showing the new style embroidery art. In these good works, created by the "hair pin" well developed "lion", "tiger drink," Xiang Xiu, and other products, China won a hundred arts and crafts Cup prize money, and both countries selected Chinese arts and crafts treasures; the development of the "Yang", "Moon" and "birthday Qunxian map" by the National Treasures. Hong Kong's return to large-seat double-sided screen Xiangxiu gift "Dongting Bainiaochaofeng Spring in Hong Kong, reunification and the SAR government years to set up the ceremony to be Chinese and foreign guests. ..

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