Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Xinmin Society site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiang River in the urban areas in the West Bank, Zhou Rong Wanzhen table, only 2 km away from downtown. Cai Hesen was in the old Changsha.

Xinmin Society of Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen, and other organizations of a revolutionary group, founded in April 1918. "May Fourth" During the period, will hold high the banner of imperialism and feudalism Changsha joint anti-Japanese patriotic forces of all walks of life to carry out the expulsion of the warlords Zhang Jingyao the struggle for revolution in modern China's history and write a glorious page. For the establishment of the Communist Party of China in terms of ideology, the cadres also made an important preparation. The former site of the destroyed in Changsha in 1938, "Wen Xi-fire." In 1986, the former site of the rehabilitation project Workers. Except when the original building rehabilitation, building a showroom and auxiliary green belts, covering a total of 6050 square meters. The former site of the furnishings within a year with the debris of furniture products, and the Institute of literature. Key provincial heritage site for the unit.

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