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Gray Hot Spring - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gray Tang, Ningxiang County in Hunan Province is located in Hot Springs southwest gray soup of the territory of East Rural Services Yamashita, Wujiang River, 50 km from the county seat, because Stephen rolling boil, such as soup, the Proton, such as steam fog, named Tom Gray. Tang, Ningxiang hot ash more than 2,000 years of history, China's three well-known high-temperature hot springs one of the compound. Jade crystal springs, water quality Color transparency, all the year round water temperature kept at 90 degrees or so, the human body contains 29 kinds of trace elements useful, known as "Stephen natural medicine."

As early as age three, who with Jiang Wan Shu-chuen, on the side of the forest Shichiku read the book, he has also wash Xi Ma Ying Tan Messire the bridge left ?p Messire ; The Tang urged the prime minister cut fan Peidu ?p Dali scientist in the Song Dynasty scholar Zhu Xi ?p easy to remove evil god in the Ming Dynasty and Wang Rongqing ?p review of the Academy TAO RU-Nai, and so have here means the Tang Kam Yu Mu ?p recite the wind; Qing Yu Shi Wangwenqinghuo Wang Yun Shi Du Academy also went to Tom Gray held poetry snipe and duck reception.

Gray Chi-chuen, a few holes. Stephen Lord 2 meters wide and 8 meters long. 4:00 Chung spring run, train water, crystal white jade, slightly sulfur smell. Ling Yuan Wang Dong, smoke filled, such as vague in Wonderland, is near the sultry heat, splash Chu Yu-fei, the "boil-Tang Quan," the name for one of the Ten Ningxiang old. The hot water temperature of 90 ? Right, on emission more than 3500 cubic meters. ?p Water, the water temperature stability, high temperature is a vein of water pressure. Near the hot springs pool, plumbing winter and spring, the fish ?p duck, crisp tender ?p bone marrow ?p ?p more delicious, the duck is even more of both Yin and Kidney Yigan note the effectiveness of the lung, said the world "fish soup" ?p " Duck Soup, "the two pay tribute to the Ming and Qing Dynasties .

Gray Hot Spring mineral water for low bicarbonate - sodium fluoride silica water, hydrogen sulfide containing radon ?p ?p Mo ?p ?p copper zinc and other chemical components of the treatment of a variety of skin diseases such as arthritis and chronic disease Qi Xiao, the Lady House has voted for the benefit of the people of Hot Springs from myths and legends. According to the Department of Medical Nearly 40,000 cases of patients with clinical observation, hot springs have anti-inflammatory, sedative, soothe the nerves that regulate physiological functions, improve cardiovascular function, such as drug efficacy can not be replaced by magic, on the skin, digestion and movement, blood circulation, the nervous system of a variety of chronic diseases Has a unique effect.

196 And 1988, in order to take full advantage of spring water features, in-chuen, were built in Hunan Province next to the soup hot ash homes and hospital workers in Hunan Province gray power, the use of spring water treatment Yang Shen, the very effect, is one of the famous resorts.

Xingzhi tips:

Transportation: Gray 50 km away from the rural county, the Changsha City ?p Ningxiang County, the county seat there are direct buses gray soup, and there are bound ?p Lianyuan Shaoshan, and other places here after the bus, Ningxiang to Changsha City, a total of two per day, the morning of 6 : 20; Ningxiang chassiron long to stop from 6:20 am to start a 20-minute trip to the spa by the people of Changsha Ningxiang to transfer.

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