Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Changsha Underwater World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Liuyang River, Golden Eagle and cultural city, Changsha Underwater World on the South National Highway 319, as a shining pearl of attracting vast numbers of tourists. Changsha Underwater World is an area of 100 mu, investment 200,000,000 yuan, set to watch, leisure, science and pleasure in one of the largest central-south China's Western theme park, a national AAAA class tourist attractions, Changsha Underwater World is also China's Hunan Province and the Institute of Marine Science and Technology Shoupai marine science education base.

  In the world-famous Liuyang River in the emerging culture of the new century, the city of Changsha, Changsha seabed near the North Changsha World Window, 139 of the National Highway, such as Yi Yi shine of a pearl attracts tourists from all sides. This is an area of 100 mu, investment 200,000,000 culture of popular science projects. Among them, marine life and sea water-Expo Center. There are more than 10,000 species from around the world on a luxury ocean Health And freshwater fish, it's cute cute sea lions, sharks take a big, colorful coral reefs and sea grass are thousands of mysterious underwater wonders, it is pleasant feeling linger. Sea water is the center of the resort fitness leisure visitors, soul-stirring of the high-profile slide. Adventure waves of the river circulation, surging Making waves, the cartoon realm of children's pool, as well as deep pools, massage pools, ages is the joy of the Gulf.

To enable the city to play the fish taste the fun, playing with a special underwater world of fish, fish purchased from street to street, the resort is endless fish intoxicated when interest in. In short, the entire construction of the park full Show modern, high-grade marine cultural atmosphere is broaden our visitors, leisure and cultural holiday destination.

Broad and deep oceans is not always the interpretation of the life story of Meteorology Series. The ocean that mysterious, wonderful that deeply attracted to human. The people Ocean's live in harmony, is a form of life on Earth better reflect the diversity.

Changsha Underwater World Museum has more than 1,000 marine species from all over the world, 10,000 of the valuable fish and marine life, it's cute cute seals, Yingwu white horse to defend the big sharks, colorful coral reefs, Zi The state sea grass and the mysterious underwater wonders, so that you enjoy the charming scenery of the seabed. There are seals show, "Shark Dance" show divers feeding the fish and the "mermaid of travel, hand in hand Harbor" deep-sea diving experience at their own expense, will surprise you will have to increase, pleasant linger.

Underwater World Water Music Fitness is the leisure visitors to the resort, there is soul-stirring of the high-profile slides, waves of circulation Adventure River, surging waves of man-made, wonderful water of the Russian ballet performances, cartoon realm of the deep pool and the pool of children ages is the joy of the Gulf .

Children's park so that children Love joy. Ocean's dazzling shopping malls are beautiful ocean theme souvenirs. Food court will meet your dining needs.

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