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Autumn Harvest Uprising text home to join the former site of the City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

National key cultural unit. Patou that school. Autumn Harvest Uprising text at the former site of the house to join the city of Liuyang City, home county Brunei Town to the streets.

In September 1927, the Hunan-Jiangxi border Autumn Harvest Uprising troops attack the city center after the defeat, the leadership of Mao Zedong's forces at the various homes to join the city. Sept. 19 Mao Zedong Patou in the school hosted the Qiandi the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, decided to give up the city center and transport hub, the force from the original plan of action taking into southern Hunan Changsha to be changed to preserve power, the power savings.

  The next day, Mao Zedong at the National Taiwan Normal University will be at the meeting on behalf of the Committee Qiandi Uprising made to mobilize all the soldiers and then led his troops into the south, on the way the situation as a result of changes in the forces of Jinggangshan, in order to create the Jinggangshan revolutionary base. 1927 to 1930, the home city for more worker-peasant revolutionary army base for activities. Here, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of workers and peasants in the school premises Patou writing on the wall of Xu Revolutionary slogans, there are well-preserved 1927 Autumn Harvest Uprising troops to write "Tu Hao played at the fields", as well as in 1930 the Soviet government issued more than 10 of the 10 platforms and so on, have become a witness of history.

  Slogans written in the alley after the slogan Lane said. Patou school was built 21 years light ( 841), formerly known as the Mandarin College, in 1912 the school changed its name to Patou. Take the former site of the Southern North, an area of about 5,000 square meters in 1964 for maintenance, rehabilitation Qiandi a site of the Commission, such as Mao Zedong's forces under the leadership of the main bedroom, kitchen and shelter soldiers, to join gymnastics, etc. Ping. In 1977 the former site of the Side of the construction of the "Autumn Harvest Uprising Memorial Hall to join the city of text at home," an area of 1040 square meters, the Autumn Harvest Uprising on display are a large number of artifacts, photographs and in 1930 by Mao Zedong and Zhu De led the troops at the home city of annihilating enemies and win the formation of??????First Front Army of the relevant information.

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