Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Xiaoyuan Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiaoyuan Park, located at 51 East Road, near the train station, the city government is based on the overall planning of urban construction, investment in 1984 started the construction of the small garden-style park, an area of 3.77 hectares, the park built in the Sino-Japanese "peace friendly" Bronze statue group. The statue was presented to the city of Kagoshima, Japan Changsha people valuable Objects. Plastic Group 4 Group 8 by the Sino-Japanese youth, who heads held high, yearning for the future, peace-loving, a symbol of the Chinese and Japanese people will be friendship from generation to generation. It also has a "Dongyuan", "garden of gardens", with the lake, "UN cloud water," Tea House, "far-floor," Services. Lake and the hill has the shape of the "Xu Ying-Ting", "two-show booths," "semi-ting," Pieces of construction. There are kinds of cherry blossoms in the garden, seaweed, sweet-scented osmanthus, magnolia, water lily, and other valuable trees. Park Bi You also children's play area, set up a number of blocks of the human body, animal sculptures. Xiao Yuan's built for the people of Changsha and the additional domestic and foreign visitors a quiet and Qing The place to rest.

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