Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cliff's song laugh - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Stephen Crane at the right side of the mountains, where the terrain is so extraordinary that Kuteng around the tree. Legend has it that in ancient times there lived a young hunter, called Geren. His hard work and simple access to the Huaxian love. Huaxian Geren home every night to help him home, and they married in the near future. They later gave birth to a son called Chu, come back whenever Geren hunting Yatou seen standing on their own well-being of the family, should a knowing smile, the laughter in the room in the valley, echoing with prolonged. Days later Diming Raytheon will Huaxian into the bottom of Yashi to punish her private Xia Fan, Huaxian missing as a result of her husband and son, Yaxia all night crying. So here is named for the laugh Cliffs.

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