Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gap sweet-scented osmanthus - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luo Zhou Canyon Falls Park 70 km east of Changsha, the territory of the humanities sites, natural scenery, numerous scenic iron grave Ping, the intake tower, Chen Clan Temple Church, the Yen family housing market, and so on, have archaeological value; the territory of the ecological environment, rare plants and animals Many, especially the wild sweet-scented osmanthus found in the community, but also added the magic Resort .

Valley week in Los charming small stream and cross-strait Yanxi about 1 km on the hillside there are two sides of the 1026 wild sweet-scented osmanthus, in the long stone, there are three varieties: Tan Kwai, Kim, silver and Guangxi. Nanjing Institute of osmanthus Chess Park to the sweet-scented osmanthus that the group is the first time found that the sweet-scented osmanthus trees, and The study group to be sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet-scented osmanthus the birthplace of the world.

To be a flowering season, the charming Valley, a sweet-scented osmanthus colored Congcong, a Cucu, colorful, extraordinary beautiful, Xiangpiao few years, a magnificent view.

Gap's sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet-scented osmanthus Lin has found that China's largest wild sweet-scented osmanthus Lin Wild sweet-scented osmanthus trees over the total number of 1200, the full range, aromatic overflowing, along seamlessly with a good forty to fifty of the Department of rock falls or for that spectacular volley to make it move in quiet, affordable movement. This is not a more poetic take Tam sky is the moon, so that there is Tan Zhong, there are mid-tan.

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