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Tai Shan Liuyang River Canyon Rafting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuyang River in the first expedition Daweishan Canyon drifting with the green pearl of eastern Hunan, said the Dawei Mountain National Forest Park, which is already well known, since 1997 to build the park since 2006, Tai Shan National Forest Park in order to She's beautiful environment, beautiful scenery, good service has attracted millions of visitors travel Light, leisure resorts, tourists have been generally appreciated.

However, in the eyes of tourists also feel that the lack of something that is missing from the vast number of tourists allowed to participate in the general happy to stimulate the fun Project. In order to meet the wishes of the majority of travel enthusiasts, Liuyang City gold wave of Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Yang first Heyuan - Tai Shan Canyon a successful development, the formation of the canyon Shan to Tai Wai to drift to the main series of tourism projects. Tai Shan now to play, you do not have to worry about not fun, Dawei Mountain canyon drift, you can play a fun, fun, play your tired, your soul-stirring You were happy for a long time from ear to ear. No wonder some people say now Shan to Tai Wai to play, if not drifting, it is a very regrettable thing, equivalent to Baipaoyitang. It was also summed up the deep feeling Dawei Mountain in Changsha area of the ten "most", which is the highest of the big mountains, the most primitive forest, the most intensive Falls, the most The new air, most of the cool summer, the most spectacular sea of clouds, the first to see the sun, the most brilliant Yamahana, the most abundant species, the most fun.

Now, we have to tell us about the most fun of Changsha - Liuyang River in the first adventure, Tai Shan Canyon rafting.

Big Hill Canyon rafting at the source of the Liuyang River, Dawei Mountain National Forest Park in Southern deer, deep in the mountains Dawei Mountain Valley - he spent the door, he spent the door Shan to Tai Wai brings together nearly 100 kilometers of mountain springs, the most intensive form The group falls Shan to Tai Wai, Qi Jun deep canyons, high mountains rising abruptly from the two sides, cliffs, densely thin , Crystal clear water, cool can be arrested, is not an original source of the pollution of the natural landscape, world-famous Liuyang River here in the first form.

A "Liuyang River ... ...", accompanied by China's great generation of the motherland Xiangbian every corner, spread all over the world, in every In their mind, "Liuyang River" has an extra kind of admiration and, in particular the beauty of magic Liuyang River's head, and it is the accumulation of long-standing aspiration, drifting through the door he took, we can not only into the Liuyang Heyuan in the first, but also himself into her arms, multiplied by a power-free Boat, relying on her gentle with the surging flow, through valleys, crossing dangerous shoals, the more white water, gravel-off, turn spiral, surfing sharp, so that man and nature intertwined, unity and harmony, play hard feelings, she will do to stimulate the romantic And cheerful, enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the canyon.

Tai Shan Canyon and drifting It compared to the large number of river rafting, her own characteristics: it is rather narrow river, the river rapids, gravel, when you drift, like a ship drifting sitting in bumper car ride, like the fierce collision, the U-turn, is always around the Matter. The second feature of her is: the entire river than Tam Long Beach, 12 km there is full 8 Tam, 48 beaches, the longest Tam less than 80 meters, the longest beach close to 300 meters. She characterized the three are: the upper reaches of the river eddy, whirlpool and some you go in a very difficult, you must have certain skills in order to rowing out of the vortex, or else you spend another big effort is of no avail. Fourth, the characteristics of Tortuous river, Bay Road, "Another Day in the suspect boat to the front, Tam Bay to have another beach," so that you feel good. The five characteristics: the cross-strait river vegetation, scenery, towering old trees line the clouds when the sun and air, river water can only be embroidered in brilliant mosaic, old trees in the rough on the wrist Teng ancient fishing down In just drifting on board Pan Zhu Teng old "swing", do not have a different feeling. Six of the characteristics are: raw river to keep the original appearance, not to tinker and finishing, you can fully appreciate the heroic conquest of nature poetry. The seven characteristics: a single vertical river will not drop too much, there are narrowly for the physical and mental health The majority of the actions agile tourists drift. The characteristics of the eight are: multi-story drift along the way: There are Dragon King Lake pipa channels, from the Valley situation, Xunqing rock, beach dragon and tiger, turtle-whirlpool, dressing, and other magical beauty in the landscape and the legend, people outside the "Landscape With the transfer , Painting the middle reaches of the heart line "position. The nine characteristics are: developers to adopt Import materials through the regular Seiko factory produced no power to sit two inflatable kayak, both solid, comfortable, and flexible enough to you to ensure security. The characteristics of the ten are: drifting from your own driving, there is no Shaogong, faster, slower by your own hands, both free and romantic, poetic are endowed with, and let Own personal experience the fun of sailing, nature and feelings of each of the great challenges of the fragments.

Tai Shan Canyon - he spent the door, is a natural river rafting, more than 10 major feature of the Mengdong He, Mao Yanhe, the East River, the Kowloon-18 Long Beach and many other river rafting, all of a hard act to follow. It is for this reason However, Tai Shan canyon drift, float trial since last year, attracting a large number of celebrities, the majority of the tourists. Yu referred to as "Gordon spent" Hunan Satellite TV show host well-known high-Shu, where she had a wonderful time, you see that she's surprised look, easy-going action, funny rowing, there are Zhanchu Li's smile bright moment, how happy, after the end of the drift when she said happily: "drifting really fun here, the Goushuang Gouci Ji, but also come certainly the next." Hunan Satellite TV program mentors in the Miss Zhu drift, said with emotion: "Liuyang River, which only 9 Bay, are more than 900 Bay, dangerous shoals, rap, open heart Yue. "

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