Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zhang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhang Temple, located in the middle Cai E, is the second in Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital hospital. The original "Zhang Temple" and "Bao Tong Festival", are now no longer exists.

  Zhang, who, Nanyang in Henan people. China's Han Dynasty is well-known medical experts, known as "medical saint." Legend has it that when the Eastern Han Lingdi official Changsha Prefecture, have been in the gun industry, Zhang Bozu, became famous. His family clan has more than 200 people, Jian Han Xiandi years, less than 10 years, died 2 /3, then the deceased most of typhoid fever. Wang Can the seven poems mourning: "no go see it, plain cover bones of the dead," the description is too kind of tragic death scene. Zhang is very sympathetic to people's experience and determined to "ground for old, absorb, draw upon the public square" for the treatment of the masses, the author of "typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases," 16 volumes. In addition to the book argues pathology, diagnosis and treatment are 397 laws, 120 side, summed up the Chinese civil previous experience in health care, the medical cause of the motherland has made major Xian. Now the spread "of typhoid fever" and "Essence" is his original. When the three doctors to see Hua Tuo Zhang praised the book very much.

Zhang Temple, it contains Chia-ching 2002 renovation. There was also organized at the British primary school education, the Anti-Japanese War when the crash. In 1947, Changsha Chinese medicine industry had made donations New Hall 3, renamed the Hall Zhongjing, due to road repair, waste and Temple. Now Chinese medicine hospital with a carved stone to commemorate.

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