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Liuyang Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Liuyang is a Confucian temple Confucian Temple, Confucian Temple in Qufu is the imitation of the ancient palace-style buildings, located in the city of Liuyang north side of the road-kyu Lent. Mountain Street side of the temple, 149 meters long from north to south, east 43 meters wide, a total of 13 construction units, to preserve integrity of our country is one of the Confucius Temple.

Liuyang Confucian Temple was built in Song, 18 3 (Qing dynasty 23 years) is converted into a pattern. Pan central axis followed by pool, stone bridge, stars lattice door, stone steps, Shing Mun, Yu Dao, Qiyang stone "Wolong have beads," the platforms of the Great Hall, Royal Beiting. For both sides of the Yuan Men, corridors, visual and Piandian Pavilion. Dacheng Hall of condescending, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding, the glass tube Pavement, the blue-and-white ceramic tiles to make Ridge, Mid ding gourd. Basilica by 32 granite pillars supporting, 3 sub-layer arrangement. To the hollowing-carved front door for Chudo screen, Shi Lan Chi Wai around the gallery. Royal Beitingxiyou bring up the rear by the Qianlong Emperor Kangxi title "Sven is in", "Jesus Christ Shibiao" horizontal inscribed board. 1.67 m high platform Dianqian Granite Shop, Zhou Shi Lan care. Platform of south-east, south-west corner of the two stands a 1.40 Cuanjian Ding Zhong Yan-ting dance, Laoting for the old spring and autumn Jikong dance music venues. Taking a panoramic view of Confucian Temple, resplendent, symmetrical things, through the corridors, surrounded by Chinese walls, typical of the Jiangnan style of the Qing Dynasty.

196 In Liuyang county committee for the first time the CPC Congress convened in the Great Hall, set up the first Liuyang county committee election Pan Xin-yuan, led by Ren Shuji. Confucian Temple has turned into "Liuyang County, the first junior high", the leadership of the CPC Central Committee Hu, Yang Yong, Li Zhimin, and so has the school students, after the founding of Liuyang in a school. Xingzhi tips:
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