Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yuwang monument - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuwang monument at the Yuelu Mountain Cang purple Shek Pik, the east side stand. Yu described the inscription and sing the praises of the great flood. Yu stepfather water, "Wen 2007 did not listen to music, the three have been entering the house," the mouth with approbation, has spread. Yu Yuelu monument 1.7 meters high, 1.4 meters wide, stone line 9 hours, 9 characters per line, including 77 , Desinence empty words. Tadpole words, such as its shape, is different from the bones Zhong Ding, Zhou Wen also different from the tadpole, it is difficult to identify, is likely to be recorded at a Taoist as well as priests are said to be forged. However, far more than 1200 years ago, is heard and Han Yu, Deng Nanyue pro-Gou Mountain Peak mountain peak Yu find the monument, and left poems in mind. So that at the time of the Tang and Song is fake, as a monument to commemorate Dayu of water is also very precious. There are ten wind Department Juan Li Yu monument, it is said by Yu Yuelu monument engraved with the rehabilitation of the mold.

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