Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinese copper cattle and human light chandelier - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Copper is a light cattle in 1949 in Garden City, Guangxi's precious cultural relics unearthed, light-cow of Things Past, drop ears, short legs, feet shoulder from both sides of the tube to make up the erection of a round, each folded into a song together, since under the Bowl review was expanded to become smoke pipe. Center back Yuan Dong A, the home hole on a round Dai Bing Deng Pan, Cone sites, Edge of the slot set up to put wind board. Hollow body lights, oil-sheng. 50-cm, 40 cm long. Engraved on the right side of the abdomen, "Temple stabbed four cattle stirrup, chief music producer of" inscription, when the Western Han Dynasty is a thorn in Changsha City of temple-Wang Jiande. This immense dignified style lamp with a light, fuel-efficient, dust, sheltered and so on. Deng Pan chandelier from the human form, the storage tank and the catenary is composed of three parts. Deng Pan-round show, set heart-shaped lamp posts have sharp, you can plug a candle Zhupang oil and a square mouth. A storage tank for the hair, dark eyes, nose high bronze statue of the nude pose, body posture in order to swim-like crawl, Aung head, hands Shen, Deng Pan boosting Liang Zhang, the air inside the human body, the stomach has a small oil learn the door, they can hoist. Catenary by the emulsion-covered surface, the top legislature to build a phoenix-like bird Suzaku, the GAO Guan-open screen, built under the strand of copper with the light of the three-phase linked. 29 cm-high, 29 cm long.

These two bronze lamps, Only peculiar shape, and so cleverly designed, in line with scientific principles, China's ancient lamp in a rare treasures.

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