Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Autumn Harvest Uprising Memorial Hall to join the city of text home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Brunei to join the former site of the home city of Liuyang in Hunan town 51 km south-east, and at the junction of Jiangxi, Jiangxi-huangmao, Ci, Paulownia. And the former site of the former on both sides of the field open for followed by mountainous terrain Xianyao, rich products for the Hunan-Jiangxi border military. In 1927 the CPC Central Committee "of eight. VII" after the meeting, to Mao Zedong Back in his capacity as commissioner of the central Hunan Province, organized by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the first worker-peasant army in the first division, on September 9 launched the Hunan-Jiangxi border Autumn Harvest Uprising, frustrated after 19 troops in the build-up here. In the evening, Mao Zedong here Qiandi hosted the meeting, decided to change the plan to attack Changsha, to Luoxiaoshanmo into the middle. , Ping-speaking troops to join the General Assembly to be held, after the start of the march to the Jinggangshan. College for the former site of the old one, Qiandian, Wenchang Pavilion, Houdian East fasting, Lent, such as the West Building, the uprising was written by the revolutionary forces slogan well-preserved, near the battle site of Kaolin there, mouth cartoon revolution in the big house for a visit , The former site of the There are separate the Hunan-Jiangxi border text of the Autumn Harvest Uprising home city to join history museum.

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