Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jian Du Museum - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Changsha City is located in Tianxin Ge and white sand between the ancient Changsha City Museum Du Chien, for the design style of the Han Dynasty, from the period of three popular forms of high-profile construction. Museum covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters, more than 3,000 square meters on the first floor for the protection of the public coffers, mainly for dehydration Du Chien, protection and preservation; Showroom floor to display Jane has been sorting out the correspondence in recent years, Changsha and other relics unearthed in the vicinity; on the third floor of the Center for Research.

Changsha in China's Jian Du unearthed the largest number of cities. In October 1996, Changsha City cursory floor, a site of over 1,700 years ago unearthed in the Three Kingdoms Sun Wu Jian Du Jinian period, a total of more than 14 pieces, over the previous calendar year China discovered the sum of the number of Du Chien. Three Kingdoms period because of the lack of historical materials, this group of Miss Jane is considered to be following the Chinese Yin oracle bone inscriptions, Dunhuang instrument after another "major archaeological find of the century." In December 2003, also unearthed in Changsha cursory Floor 1 of the Western Han Dynasty period of more than 10,000 pieces of correspondence Chien, in the form of text vividly recreates the Emperor during the Western Han Dynasty situation of peace and prosperity.

In order for such an unprecedented number of cultural relics and give full play to its functions, Changsha City and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage jointly invest 66,000,000 yuan to build China's largest museum Du Chien -- Changsha Du Chien Museum, will be set Jian Du protection, research, in one exhibition, displaying the full glory of our ancestors to create civilization.

In the ancient Chinese invented paper did not before, books, the main instrument in writing to bamboo, wood texture for the Jane's article, and then binding thread linking, easy to read and save. People with bamboo as the material for Jane to wood as the material for correspondence. Prior to the Qin and Han, Jian Du is the most widely used form of the instrument.

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