Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tang Shou-Jin - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Kam Tang Shou Qing Dynasty for 23 years before (1897), by the Tu Jing Biao Liu Qing Dynasty in memory of her husband Tu Mei-ju-ju in built for the late Qing Dynasty-style manor building. Park covers an area of 4000 square meters, ride south, brick, two-story building Diaolianghuadong a total of more than 100. In 1931, the Soviet Union in Hunan Province Egyptian Government has set up here, both inside and outside of the wall to preserve the former site of a large number of red banners, such as statements of income and expenditure in 1960 was designated as the provincial key protection units. Kam Tang Shou After a century of vicissitudes, because of disrepair, appears to be in a deplorable state, city cultural relics management office is on the Gate Tower, to repair the main hall, two repair workers Tourism Festival will be held on the eve of the opening ceremony of the completion. Tai Wai Town, with the Government for repair work and funded more than 7 million site on the surrounding environment to carry out training, the laying of the Ta Shee, as well as the bank's front steps of the cement road.

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