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Flying Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Flying Chenzhou Danxia Hill - cave Geopark is located in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province Suxian district in the territory 18 kilometers away from the urban area with a total area of 110 square kilometers. Convenient sea and land transport, the Jing-Guang Railroad double-track railway, the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway, national highway 107 and will play a supporting role, Chen Jiang, this convergence of the East River, forming the southern renowned landscape Jiang Cui .

Valley Scenic Area as a whole by 48, 9 Chai, Tan 4, Temple 3, River 2, 1 Stephen constituted to Dan Bao Zhai featuring rock, wearing a tan, for the rare caves, hot springs Bijiang as a link to the history of vein stone HANGING COFFIN , The set mountain, water, forest, holes, the Buddha as one, hung together, extraordinary and dangerous show, for a skillfully. 2001 Ministry of Land and Resources Tian Shan was named Danxia - cave types of geological parks.

  Flying Hill has been known for a long time, travelers have praised Xu Flying Hill "is not even the tiniest fraction-li, no mountain is not surprising" and inscribed "single inch of beauty." Habitat connected to the Peak District, vertical and horizontal gully, mountain water around the ring, Tan Chai scattered, Skillfully crafted, such as Office, representing; Department as the grand born Heng Kong, Top Gun. Jiang Cui style with scenic Lijiang River comparable to that enjoyed by "small Guilin" reputation. Two rocks along the river, "Cui Danxia break away, the overhead rock to come." Jiang Shun drift all the way, only Dan Feng Lin, Hongyan green water, rocks You Dong, Furuki Tucui, Zhuhai Mang. Green leaves throughout the year, three quarters of flowers, rare are ready, "four out of Castle Peak Ping", "full of vegetation spend Spring" Danxia the wonderful landscape.

"Danxia the first hole" - and Tanzania, covering an area of 5000 square meters; "the door the best in the world - natural stone bridge, 35 meters high doors, the span of 95 meters, Arch, hanging hole, cliffs Pro-yuan, the winter heating hole cool summer, very quiet, large scale, the momentum of the grand, Danxia landform of China's rare, Flying Hill is a must. Lei Yue Mun in the area around the Walled steep cliff, and the sky Furuki, surrounded by shrubs, Autumn Danfeng draw ten gallery, so beautiful. As more similar to Our Lady of the source of life-and-yin and yang, life. Hua Yan million in the territory of cave is about 9 km, inside the cave, there are 13 characteristics of the hall, the largest with a capacity of thousands of people. Stephen has outside, inside the cave, there are days, there are hole-hole, a hole river inside the cave, diverse types of calcium deposition, Ishida, stalagmite and stalactite, stone , Shiman, stone curtain over, different patterns, the Meteorology Series, in particular the "crystal water cone" (the world's first found quadratic natural Qi Bao, and the other in the United States) and "stone eggs shoots Health" (the world's first Found time), as can be karst caves in the singular treasures.

Cave of the United States team has praised the "Hua Yan Wan" Holes with any one of the world's most magnificent caverns of the match. In addition Flying Cliff Hill stone, stone, HANGING COFFIN millennium, the ancient remains of the battlefield, south of the Yangtze River in the first flight of the murals, such as mysterious traces the history of Code and rich cultural as well as unique folk customs vary with different here Shan, water the United States, Shi Qi, You-hole, 10,000 kinds of style Natural scenery each other.
Flying Danxia Hill - National Geopark is the cave's unique landscape, for a well-deserved national geological park of the treasure, is both a leisure resort of eco-tourist destination, but also to learn popular science and scientific research of the natural classroom, or folk customs, history and culture The museum. "Tsui Tour landscape painting, Flying Danxia remain in the hearts. "Currently, has launched the" Flying Xia Lu "green tourism, this picturesque scenery, the service at home, China Ming-yang, good reputation overseas.

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