Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to Yan Feng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Back to Yan Feng Nanyue 72 of the first peak. The ancients have always thought that, to the north of the Yan Nanfei great to be here no longer fly the South, only the spring of next year and then fly back to the North, named. Du Fu wrote on the "Wan Yan Hengyang, to the North this year." Yan Feng's return to the Mountain Gate is a stone of St. Paul, not far off the Mountain Gate after Ban Shanting, further Walk across the "ladder hundred steps" can arrive at the summit, a summit Yan Feng Temple. According to historical records, the temple was built in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, when Emperor Wu said by Cloud Temple, Tang Yan Feng was renamed after the temple, with its anther Temple, Xi Chansi, also known as Luo Hansi Hengyang Zen Buddhist temple of the four, there is history Many monks have come to this Zen.

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