Thursday, January 15, 2009

Huang Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huang, also known as yellow-Longquan, Suoxi Yu Nature Reserve is located in the east, 7 km Suoxi Yu Zhendong (Suoxi Yu mouth of the village) on a mountainside. The landscape has developed inside the cave, an area of about 20 hectares, and dry sub-hole and water tunnel.

A total of four, 13 km long, the maximum Bai Yumi Department. Limestone is an underground river erosion-hole . Two-water tunnel and up and down vertical and horizontal two-hole dry to form a hole under the hole above the floor, spiral structure, the largest area of 12,000 square meters of Dongting, which can accommodate thousands of people.

Inside there is a reservoir, two overcast River Falls on the ground floor of the three, four pools, Hall 13, 96 Veranda. Flow marks inside the cave, Stone, Stone shoots back, back pot hole sinus well-developed stage, calcium stone-plot was colorful, brilliant and more funding. Shek Pik dome of water precipitation milk stone, stone columns, stalagmites, Shiman, Qin Shi, Shi Hua, such as jade crystal, silver, colorful, beautiful, "underground maze" reputation. It is presented in Dragon King's palace, Crystal Palace, Qin Shi Shan, Ficus erecta water, rural River, a maze, and so on-line tour. Dragon King's palace is the essence of Huanglong Cave, an area of about 1600 square meters. "Dragon King throne," the central place, thousands of columns, many around the stalagmite. In addition, the rock inside the cave, there are sound. Cave Falls, the highest 50 Meters. Cave Hill and water, especially in mountain cave, cave in China in rare indeed. Amazing, knock holes in the mountains of Qin Shi stalactite can be issued by the sounds of wind and string orchestral sound. All stalactite, the most surprising Dinghaishenzhen again. Dinghaishenzhen as high as 19.2 meters, 10 centimeters in diameter, Transparent body, leading to the top palace. In 1998, China Ping An Insurance Zhangjiajie branch to 100,000,000 yuan of the pillars for the insured, and create the world's natural heritage of a local insurance landscape of the first.

  Huang Dong-dong includes almost the entire contents of the "Dragon King's palace" in the Office of National Lime limestone cave in to seize the "single title", the entire hole and make a comprehensive evaluation, the availability of "all-round champion," At present, China is the type of things, very strange style of the famous caves. The hole the size of the landscape and in the world are also rare.

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