Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tibetan Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanyue away from the town about 10 km, is located under the peak Xiangguang. For the construction of the palace-style structure was built by the Southern Zen Master Hui Si, was built at the "Great Wisdom Buddhist temple," as a result of post-Ming Zhu Yuanzhang big thanks to a Tibetan store and changed its name here. Canon Hall of Wanli in the Ming fires were burning, and rebuild in 1936. Dianqian There are monuments of Hope, according to legend, such as common at night candle wildfire; also clear spring Yi Hong, Chen is a legend Houzhuaifei dressing up. Canon Hall is surrounded by the treasure-house of the original plants, there are some high-Er Zhang Yulan the tree, there are legendary money tree, even the arguments sticks, and Tilia Xiang, Du, Rhododendron, and other rare trees.

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