Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jiangkou Bird Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiangkou Bird Island is located in the south east corner value, Lei is located in the river in the middle, surrounded by water, in 1984, has been listed as key to the protection of birds and Hunan-based nature reserves. 41 km from the city of Hengyang, the Jing-Guang Railroad, 107 National Highway and Beijing-Zhuhai expressway near habitats and over. Bird Island's core area of 35 hectares area, Island home, Chang Island, Long Island home of the three islands to form a good ecological environment. Chau Xiuzhu old trees on the shady, cool and warm climate, near the reservoir, spread all over the pond, rice fields, forest stretches into a film, bird food rich in birds is the ideal of the Kingdom. Here all year round habitat and breeding birds are 7 Section 38 of the heads of 181 kinds, the total number of 100,000 or more. Every morning and evening the birds are out of the nest and homing bird period, bird-watching is the best time, numerous groups of birds knot right, it confirmed the "suspect is a flight cloud in the sky, not down at the riverside," said , Bird Island is also known as the experts "among the bird paradise" According to Bird Island Jiangkou feature advantages Hengnan County Commission, the county government is actively develop eco-tourism Jiangkou Bird Island. Adhere to in order to protect mainly to protect and promote the development of the principles, plans to set Bird Island into a bird-watching, leisure, entertainment, education, shopping as one of the natural park. Soon, the birds Chau will be a new look Now visitors in front.

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