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Fu Yan Monastery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fu Yan Monastery is located in Dong Lu Feng objects being thrown from a bowl, Buddhism is one of the top 10 the jungle. It quite well known in the history of Chinese Buddhism, Zen is the Nanzong famous resort-law, Hunan Province, is now the focus of heritage conservation unit.

According to the "Chi Mountain," it reads: Yen Fu was originally called Banruo Si Temple, also known as Taiwan Wisdom is Education and the roof were two Zuhui think Chen Zen master in the first year of the big (Wuliuqinian AD) created for the Nanyue one of the oldest temple. Tang Yu Shu Chee has 50 volumes by the Vatican to the Monastery collection. Tang congenital 2002 (the year Qiyisannian), a Zen master to allow pregnant Nanyue will be turned into Zen Ban Ruosi gym, through his disciples Road Law teachers, Nanzong "epiphany" Hong Chuan Buddhist world, the world-Buddhist Monastery in-law of the Buddha for the hospital, it can be seen in Nanzong in a prominent position. Taiping years and rejuvenating the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 1976 to Jiubasinian), and the Monastery abbot, he led Sengtu in temples around the extensive tsugae, the expansion of the rehabilitation of Siyu, Wisdom Renamed the "Fu Yan Monastery."

Hillside temple, an area of about four acres. The entire building is brick. House Church followed by the Mountain Gate, to know the living room, Yue Temple, Main Hall, manager of the ancestral hall. The first is into the Mountain Gate. Red walls around the temple, the Mountain Gate to the north-east. Carved on the door: "The world court," both sides of joint "Six Dynasties ancient temples; seven ancestral temple." The second is to know into the living room, the door to the east. Couplets inscribed on pillars: "Yan Fu Nanshan for the first ancient temples; Laozu Wisdom is the one and only way." Couplet Monastery explained the history and status. Yue Jin in the third for the statue, a Dian-Zhong Yue Xiang Yizun plastic god. According to the "Chi Mountain," it reads: "Chen Chong Si Yue main cause of statues. Copper 23,000 jin, a three Oliver, a total of future calendar. "Song Dynasty poet, calligrapher Huang Tingjian" southbound recorded, "said:" Yue Xiang Yizun copper God. "Temple here unconventional, not the four statues of kings, there are statues of gods Yue. As far as" Chi Mountain, "described , And that Hui Si Shi Yue and God playing chess victory of God Yue, access to this treasure incense. Yue He thanked God for the gift of TU, then in the temple devoted to the construction of a temple, where he is staying open as the iQue Yue, the world enjoy the incense. Therefore, there are statues Yue. Main Hall is into the fourth. Originally a Buddhist tablets Hou Zhu Chen at the bronze foundry Zuofo Respect, no deposit. Lotus is now on the stage of the Buddha in 1984 is re-shaping of. Along the Main Hall after class and on both sides of the stone is into the fifth. Hall 3, the ancestral hall and, the abbot, said Tong. Said Tang Shang Jin Bian a hanging, a letter to the "five leaves Liufang" 4.

According to the "Chuan-Deng "Description: Hui sixth patriarch of Zen," the key to insight "process different peak, creating a Nanzong after seven by the Huai Zunan Yue so that the original line of thinking green and vigorously promote, rage Nanzong, from the late Tang and Five Dynasties to the proliferation of special Sheng. South Yuehuai to allow a series, the Road to form a case and Yang Wei were Rinzai; of the original Green Mountain from a series of open stone Xiqian And the formation of the Sect, the Cloud Gate cases, were escaped. This two-line south of Zen 5. In the history of Buddhism known as the "five flowers and leaves." The "five-leaf" for the source of Nanyue, the only law around the world. Among them, Rinzai, Sotoshu height. Known as "Pro Rinzai the world, Cao Cao Dong half-day" reputation. The Rinzai, two Cao Dong. Fat veins in the Mountain, Mountain is the "source of relief hole" in the Holy Land. So let's Zen seven Zuhuai gym, there are "five leaves Lau-fong," the praise.

The temple is on both sides of the Buddhist temple. Zhaitang, Hong kitchen plot. The whole temple connected to the promenade, scattered high and low, an integral whole. In the temple on the right side door Face, there is an ancient ginkgo, there are more than 1400 years. It is said that it had initiated the monk Hui Si, a convert to Buddhism, mountain sector of over three thousand years of ancient ginkgo, for breach of the Buddhist regulatory clearance, were driven out of Siwai.
Fu Yan Monastery not only the ancient Temple, ancient Buddha, ancient trees, and the history of Ming Seng generation . Unfortunately, in the beginning of Shinianhaojie, the ancient temples of the Six Dynasties have been seriously damaged. 1986 Lunar New Year on June 19, Fu Yan Monastery for the new plastic statue of Guanyin, Yue God, to hold Lohans of the grand opening of the entire law. Fotu at home and abroad, and the Buddhist tourist destination hundreds of people.

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