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Chenzhou travel - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chenzhou has a long history goes back to ancient times. "Chen" as early as the Qin Dynasty found in the books, meaning the forest of cities. Han, the first emperor Liu Bang home Guiyang County, Chenzhou in Junzhi Since then, the South has become the city of Chenzhou, southern Hunan economic, political and cultural center. Chenzhou important because of its geographical location, has always been soldiers Vital importance: historical records, Emperor Tu Yi Xiang Yu had to Chen, Zhao Zilong World War II had Guiyang County, Chenzhou Hong troops have been. At the same time, Chenzhou also won favor seekers can explore, Tang and Song Dynasty scholar Wang Changling, Du Fu, Han Yu, Liu Yuxi, such as Qinshao You are here to stay well-known poems. A long history and brilliant Culture, to bring a large number of Chenzhou's heritage: a Chenzhou known as "the world is the 18th blessed," Su Xianling, beautiful scenery and the 200 in the "Southern Hunan Dongting" - East political arena, known as the "second Xishuangbanna" Mang Mountain Forest Park. There is also justice Mausoleum, in commemoration of the uprising Shonan human landscape, and so on. Chenzhou is rich in resources, known as "China's rural non-ferrous metals", "key forest areas of the South", "Hunan energy base." The city has proved a variety of metal more than 70 kinds of mineral 7, non-ferrous metal reserves in Hunan province's total reserves, accounting for two-thirds. One tungsten, bismuth, molybdenum reserves in the nation First, tin and zinc reserves, ranking third, fourth. Shizhuyuan polymetallic ore in the world known as the "Museum of non-ferrous metals." In addition, the graphite reserves in the region accounting for more than half of the reserves, coal reserves (8.12? Million tons), accounting for one-fourth of the province's reserves. ? The city's rich water resources, water theory 1,510,000 kilowatt reserves, the development of 1,385,000 kilowatt capacity, has developed 1,050,000 kilowatts.

  The city's forest coverage rate reached 59.1 percent,? Southern China is a natural treasure-house of the green. Yizhang County Mangshan 10 million times the original forest flora and fauna of North and South China is to bring together, as Xishuangbanna in the second, "is now a state-level forest park. Chenzhou is particularly rich in tourism resources, the odd collection, insurance, the show, the United States, in one quiet, the Department of mountains, water, hole, hole, the heat in one city," the world is the 10th Eight blessed, "Su Xianling," Cave of the world wonders, "Hua Yan million, 8,200,000,000 cubic meters of water," southern Dongting "East Lake, "China's eco-tourism in the first drift," the East River rafting and so on.

  Chenzhou is a multi-ethnic area, Han, Yao, Mongolia, She, Hui, Tibetan, Uygur, Miao, Yi, Zhuang, Buyi, Korean, Manchu, Dong, Bai, Tujia, Hani, Dai, Li, mountains, water, the East , Naxi, Kirgiz, , Mulao, Gelo, and other 27 ethnic. In the long-term social development, Chenzhou has developed a unique culture and the arts and traditional customs. Is still the most widely circulated Drama: Opera, opera Qi, Beijing opera, Shaoxing opera, drama Flower Drum, lantern show, acrobatics shadow play and so on.

  Chenzhou is the north-south cross - Strategic location, convenient transportation, advanced communications. Jing-Guang Railroad, 107 National Highway, 106 National Highway, the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway running through the whole territory. Program-controlled telephones, wireless communications, video conferencing phones and other modern communication network complete.

  Since the founding of New China, especially the reform and opening-up and removed more than 20 years to build Since the Chenzhou economic construction and social development has made enormous changes. To the end of 2000, the city's gross domestic product amounted to 25,625,000,000 yuan, ranking No. 8 in Hunan Province; fiscal revenues 1,682,000,000 yuan,? One of the local revenue of 1,338,000,000 yuan, ranking No. 3 in Hunan Province;? City Residents per capita disposable income of 5871 yuan for rural residents per capita net income of 2430 yuan. Has been the city's 4 counties (cities, districts) of 176 township (town) to achieve a well-off standard; built in metallurgy, electric power, coal, building materials, chemicals, machinery, food products, tobacco, textile, paper-based industries such as the 10 , The New industries and high-tech industry continue to rise in local industrial structure.

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