Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ting view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jixian under a white peak Longtan, Ting has a view on the left side, which is located in a verdant hills, away from the town of Mountain Village II Xu, the festival is Ms. Wei and Jin Dynasty built 1300 years ago . Legend has it that Ms. Wei is one of the Taoist Nvxian her preferences at an early age Road, Xianshu admiration, after the White Mountain to Longtan Heart convent, met a god, was granted, "Ting supernatant by the interior." She continued to read out the 16-year-old, ruddy face has become, the girl looks like. In the 83-year-old birthday on that day night, she left Shengxian, emerged after the Queen Mother of the West, together with the management of Tiantai Mountain, Gou Hill, Wong Uk Shan, Cui Tai Shan Mountain and the Assembly of Immortals. Ms. Wei is also good at Law, "Holy Book" Wang is her students. By Wang's book, "Ting supernatant by the interior" as a gem of future generations. From the town of Mountain View to Ting, Weng Yu trees along the way, beautiful, white Longtan Ming-chuen, the more-money. Through the winding paths and stone stile, Ting browser concept, the first door "Gaoshanyangzhi" words, the entry - There are stone on the left leg, is a clean round on the right to "adequate open cents on" stone, is to go out "ceremony altar Doo," "Stone Formation," where there are rock tracks, is the remains of Ms. Wei Sheng Xian. Return leg through rock above, is the main hall, the door degrade "Ting concept of" words, the Court has hall Ms. Wei, Sui only two statues. Right wing have three or four years, for Sengdaoqinsi premises.

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