Thursday, January 15, 2009

North Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North Lake Park is located in Chenzhou City, is an elegant and unique urban park, founded in 1975, covers an area of 31.6 hectares, for the northern part of the large surface area of 12.47 hectares.

  Qingping habitats such as water, An Liu trip. At night, the moonlight Shui-Guang, picturesque reflection, the "North Lake Water The said Yang Chen praised as one of the Ancient Eight. North Lake Park also be named.

  Park master plan in accordance with the basic formation of a quiet rest area, children's activities area, young people and entertainment district, Lakes, nursery production and administrative functions of the six geographical zones. Park for the southern half of the camphor tree and forest green In the playground, has symbolic of the "Long March" line, "iron chain bridge," and "Snow" and "grass" is now no longer in front, also has a roller skating field, controlled aircraft, large-scale slides and other entertainment Facilities, and North Lake has a moon in the water, fish fork Pavilion, Tse Ming-fang, Europe and Thailand, and other theme park attractions and more than 20 garden .

  North Lake Park North Lake of the total surface of the total area of more than 30%. "North Lake Moon Water" has attracted seekers can explore history. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Han Yu eight Chenzhou pass. Tang Zhen 21 million (805), Guangdong Han Yu from the Yangshan standby to Chenzhou, Chenzhou and the provincial governor Li Bokang boating Lake Fork fish for the music, poetic inspiration to write a big fat famous "fish fork spring wide shore, and in the Zhongxiao" poem.

  North Lake Park has become a quiet environment, the ages, has a certain size and strength of a comprehensive modern mass culture, entertainment, places of rest.

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