Thursday, January 15, 2009

Temple Baogai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Shaoxing 2008 (1138) established the "Temple Baogai" is permitted for the 1980 renewal. Between the rock wall on the eastern side of a small hole, "Xiu-dong." There are two points on the west side, a "rock relic," Qing Emperor Kangxi for years, the ashes monk tower, with red stone in the construction of two-or three-storey pavilion-style Muta Block 10; Tazuo Carved crane, unicorn, flowers, such as design, elegance generous, and engrave the names of the deceased, birth date, curriculum vitae, and other teachers. A "barn rock", the Department of grain storage by the monks. Under the Five Dynasties Wang Min Wang Zhi-trial to send the market naturalized guard (this Taining) Tomb fu Zou Yong general. The mountains around here, Takahiro You Sui, only Yan Bi Zaocheng viable path, Xianyao terrain. SONG Qing Yuan 2002 (1196)-long champion Zou should have a poem: "Su-rock about a Sri Lankan, a morning practice League; road from the branch into the stream, in mid-air line; Rushuang June designate, 4:00 long rain; would like to Rongxi seeking, I have a Floating Life. "

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