Thursday, January 15, 2009

Zhu Shengsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhu Shengsi located in the town of East Mountain, from the Southern Yue Miao Xu and a half years, six Buddhist Mountain is one of the jungle. Zhu Shengsi a total of five into the main building, divided into King Hall, Main Hall, said Hall, Room abbot, Rohan Hall. Monastery peak, had more than 1,000 monks live there. Magnificent temple architecture, elegant beauty of the environment, Ge Taixie everywhere, and embellishment which plants. Rohan Hall of the original Ocean's 500 statues, all engraved with Qingshi, embedded in the walls around, vivid, Nanyue culture is a pearl in the treasure house. Unfortunately, Shiniandongluan, Ocean's all destroyed, only 500 are like Ocean's Rubbings, on display at the temple of the Nanyue Painting Museum, visitors can watch. Tickets: 3 yuan.

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