Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jingtai mill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jingtai away from the mill town of Mountain Village 14, and every sink across the Banshan Ting, Zhu Rongfeng in the south of the swallows under the rock. Jingtai mill is a Zen Buddhist Nanzongzuyuan, as a result of the Tang Dynasty and the Ming Seng Wai allow "Jiangxi Matsu," the monk Mill Road, a mirror of a battle of wits and the well-known story. Matsu-mill on the stage there Um, in a Mountain Road for the creation of the Hermitage. Jingtai mill Seven of Zuta, the Department of pregnant so that the tomb. After the tower for the old road up the mountain, roadside monument title "Huai-way", there are 206 stone leg. Shu near Long Bridge, Guanyin Qiao, Magu Bridge, swimming pools, and other sites. Yuan Wang Jingtai board mill, the town of Nanyue panoramic view, next to Taiwan Gusong linger, the stage-deep gully, the rest in the summer, heat Dunxiao.

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