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South Yuemiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South Yuemiao located at the foot of the Nanyue Mountain District (formerly the town of Nanyue), which is the largest in South China's ancient palace-style buildings, the temple was built in the early years of the Tang Dynasty, and covers an area up to 98,500 square meters, is divided into nine into the main building, Followed by St. Paul, the ancient stage, is the door-chuan, Royal Beiting, Jiaying the door (to meet local officials in this Beijing officials came to inspect), Yu Shu floor, the main hall, the palace and the North back door.

Sheng Di, also known as Temple main hall, it is interesting that the Hall of the eight Taoist temple in the east and west and have just eight temples.
Every autumn, there must be large-scale traditional temple. Sit temple south, overlooking the North, Chidi pillow after the peak, about a body of water surrounded by wire network. The temple is dedicated to God is Shengdi Nanyue. The entire temple with a total area of 98,500 square meters, is divided into nine into the main building. The first satellite into the lattice to the door, with granite stone base of the article of St. Paul; into the second for Kuixing , The Court for the stage, hanging over a central wooden Youlong, life on the stage decorated eight immortals Jian plans to retain intact. Left with a drum-ting, a right-Zhong Ting, Ting Yuan Dynasty has a built-in cast iron bell jin 9000.

Portal degrade in a stage of the Tang Dynasty Han Yu wrote, "Ye Heng Yue Yue Miao Temple then places the gatehouse of the title" Poems; third Chuan is now the door; into the fourth for the Royal Beiting, with rehabilitation of the Southern Yue Miao large stone, the Qing Emperor Kangxi 1958 (1708 AD) legislation, erect in the stone turtle on Large jin 38,000; into the fifth for the door Jiaying , Was the capital to meet local officials before the Qing Yu Shi Yue official ceremony to the local god; into the sixth floor to Yushu, the Office for the history books Shengdi Nanyue into the seventh for the main hall for religious use Yandi, the resplendent, wood and stone structure, color glazed tile roof cover,

A little like the Imperial Palace in Beijing, Mountain is the highest of the largest temples, was built in 13 years Tang Kai-yuan (725 AD), after the repair of six, now into temples in the eight-year reign of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1 Year 82). Temple 72 feet high, where a total of 72 foreign-chu, a symbol of Mountain Peak 72; sleep is the eighth into the palace, built in the Northern Song Dynasty Xiang Fu large and medium-sized five-year (year 1012); into the ninth positive North Gate.

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