Thursday, January 15, 2009

Huangshi Zhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huangshi Zhai as a result of seemingly named after the lion, where the largest concentration of attractions, is the essence of Zhangjiajie tourist areas, there has been "no Huangshi Zhai Gordon, to Zhangjiajie in vain," said.

Women's apartment door open at the beginning: The park entrance is a great circle the door, stands a stone pillar on both sides. Entering here, the landscape changes on both sides of the steep cliff high Clouds, clear water gurgling in the middle of a river flowing through. Zhangjiajie is called "purdah in custody did not know" the beauty, the King called "the beginning of women's apartment door open."

Book Po box: a circle on top of Shi Feng, there are two pieces of stone, like smoking half-opened the lid of the box book. This is the legend of a cache of hieroglyphics Po box, then there is Pirates of the Book to finally get flustered even the box cover had not closed on the away. This is not a high peak, but Gufengwuli, such as the cut on all sides, can have no pass, only far and can not look at the past.

Hill is scheduled Shenzhen: 5 peaks, such as needle inserted AND Zuozuo. Legend has it that King is the brother of the monkey king in order to not fall in the Baoshan Department borrowed from the East China Sea Dragon King 5 5 embroidery needle into a mountain, and into the three-Chien Zhang, 3000 so that the odd differences peak Hill was not tall and straight.

South Tianyi column: Nan Tianmen through a valley of the Shi Feng from the unpredictable in standing up, up and down the general size, like mountain Town defender, lean chic, refined extraordinary. South Wulingyuan column is a large number of rocks in a typical representative of the.

Huangshi Zhai top: open flat, 1,200 meters above sea level, surrounded by steep cliffs, Zhangjiajie is the largest air viewing platform. Around the stage, Jin Bianxi peaks and the clear water Danya at a glance, can be seen from here and fir brain, left bridge pier, Sea turtles, such as the landscape Southern sky column. Walled-top has the "six-Qi Ge," Belvedere, six in front of the left-Qi Ge, one out of the viewing platform to highlight "Taiwan Reaching for the Stars."

Fir and brain: Huangshi Zhai located in the northeast, is to preserve the integrity of the original forest. Forest trees with "old, big, Jane, odd," feature After the vicissitudes of their valuable and old trees, not only has the value, but also for the study of ecological changes in the environment is of great significance.

Bridge pier left: Shi Feng Group is a group located between Yuanjia Jie and Huang Shizhai. 300 meters deep, where the canyon stands side by side in a high-six 200-meter oval-shaped columns, Yuan Jiajie One of the pillars near the beginning, followed by rising to fourth, followed by columns and lower columns 6 vertex can be connected into a curve, similar to a set of bridge piers.

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