Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jiang will - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chenzhou more well-known scenic spots of the East are no more than the political arena, Yang Tianhu, Su Xianling, Flying Hill, but very few people will know that Jiang has long been known as "Little Guilin" of the scenic area.

  Jiang Yongxing Xian is located in scenic areas will be in the territory, from Chenzhou seat air-conditioned coach bus station just 6 yuan, the journey in about 1 hour The country is going, a good road conditions. Yong Xingxian 2 stay there, is a county government guest house, is another hotel (because no live, so do not remember the name), if only for a night or on the can. In fact, a good arrangement, the same day to return to Chenzhou.

  National Water Landscape - Jiang will, Shan-ching, Shuilv, the odd holes, Shi. Jiang Liangan will have the first cluster Tanzania's Danxia stone. Unusual, DANXIA of Tanzania uncommon hole, was at home and abroad steep Danxia landform expert Chan as the first Chinese. "As a result of the Changli" (Han Yu's original handwriting) Shek Pik carved Mount of Tan Shi Lang is even more away, Kai Xiasi people; 4000 hectares of land in Long Hua Shan Park, China's largest black hole Danxia Tan Tan temple Longhua Temple in the shade Bamboo Castle, Tan Huang Daming Si structure in the name Om sparkling above the resort of Villa Longhua term can be heartily Landscape, extremely happy, Danxia.

The longest of the narrowest part of the country, "Yi Xiantian" Nature's uncanny workmanship. "Yi Xiantian" spots, this is a surprisingly fun at it! Narrow Department had just left there a blow against our faces Liang Qi, to believe that summer, then the solution must be all of a sudden heat. Gradually started to go inside to find the fun here. This is basically because the natural Letter, which is why the only way to put a few bamboo as the right to the end-result of it. But because the water vapor inside the heavy, so it is very slippery bamboo, it is easy to wrestling. "Yixian Tian," about 200 meters, where the narrowest only about one in the past sideways or front can be affixed to the back of the past. The beautiful scenery and tourist attractions in adorned Jiang will be a colorful, dizzying. There are other attractions Jiuding Hill, 10 drum surface, the Millennium Guzhang, Eagles Hill, Southern Red Cliff, Xiangshan, Wuli Ping, Tan Shi Lang, Herbie Xian Shou, Yu Bi mountain, flying stone, and so on. Danxia landform of the National Tourism Development Research Association, Professor Huang Jin Zeng Jiang will visit this natural scenery Richter praise. Jiang that he will be as much as natural caves, deep caves, next to the hole honeycomb-wide distribution of Red Rock is the world's rare, the country's largest, most typical Danxia Scenic Area.

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