Thursday, January 15, 2009

Temple Shishuang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shishuang Temple is located in the city of Liuyang in Hunan Province Rural King Kong Shuanghua Stone Village in the mountains, away from the urban Wa Lane 70. Liu Cueifong before, Seiran rain and fog, Moon Chun-hua, the Meteorology Series; Fengxiang after the peak, the Youth Pre-employment Zhuangruo Phoenix. Lions left their home-feng, Wang Feng as the right of abode, like a lion as Menting protect. Siyu ride south, depending on the hillside at the steps Building, covering an area of 3600 square meters for the well-known Zen from the forest, has a history of more than 1000. Shishuang Temple was founded in Tang Xizong (874-888 years) during the Qing from the hands of salmonella. As early as the Tang Dynasty, it would court Raritan name, the sound of moving Gongqing. If after Chu Yuan, will, and so on Huinan Mingseng come forth in large numbers, were to become Rinzai Yang Huanglong faction and the faction Zuting common in China and Japan in the history of Zen Buddhism, have an extremely important position. Zhu Qing Zen master, "Five million Lantern" Chuan, Su Xing Chen, Xin Gan Lu-ling (now Prefecture, Jiangxi Province Qingjiang), thanks to Shao Shi Luan Buddhist monks. Wei Ling for the beginning of the visit of Mary Help of Christians in India close in the first temple when the meter. After my Road to Hill Road Wuzong visit by Wu-chi. Later, he was the Mountain good price appreciation, which became famous when the abbot of the monastery, the Church said. Zhu Qing Shi Shuang Home Temple 30, up more than a thousand monks followers, of which nearly 800 people bent on Zen, does not take long bed, the strain of If Wu Yi, who was known as the "Zen dead wood" fame far, been at the time Dili Esteem. Tang Xizong Ziyi sent his thanks to his speech from Kennedy; after the temple was built by Peixiu supervision, Ci Ming, "Chong Sheng Buddhist temple." Xi were the third son is here monks, Fa Hao Wen Pu, to go after Hill open method, known as the "Dragon Lake Zen master" and a generation Mingseng. Qing Zhu Xi died in four years, says, S & P, will be master of the Temple built in the northwest tower. Tang Shi Shuang magnificent temple architecture, solemn Buddha. Temple Xiucheng, the court has given field incense, filling in the temple funds. At that time, the beautiful Shi Shuang, a lot of monuments. "Eight" pan thousand monks, million-bed, ivory towards Wat, Sha founder, the Buddhist monk's staff, Yan Chi Bao, dead wood , Zi Mingzhong. "Eight" Pa-Hu Quan, vinegar, salt wells, flying tower, sun fairy shoes, playing chess Shan Ren, immortal push a grinder, Ta Kwu Ling, plunging water. In addition, the Temple there are many myths and legends in the vicinity, quite interesting. River meet, the fairy chair, launched in stone, stone Muyu, Guan Gong bridge, stone chessboard, the song lead the way, Prince Edward And so on, all according to nature, Li Ming free and attractive.

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